Here we go…

The first day of the rest of my cyberspace life! I’m Robyn, 29, married with two Barney-Loving-Bouncing-Babies.. Liam, aged 2 and Hannah, aged 9 months. I thought my first post should serve as a mini history lesson.. although I hope it won’t have the same effect as a history lesson – falling asleep on your desk, yawning your way through my ramblings-on.

Met the man of my dreams, we travelled the world, while living on love and fresh air. Came back to SA and realised that fresh air doesnt quite pay the bills and keeping the “LUV” alive, required more than just holding hands and posting his pic on your social networking profile. We took the plunge, got married, and soon after, welcomed our son into the world.

Liam – best described as a laugh-a-minute lad, who keeps us on our toes – I’ll spend most of my time blogging about the antics of a 2 year old who JUST can’t help himself and gets himself into these situations that often end badly for him i.e. a spanking or a photo that will make a surprise appearance at his 21st, much to his embarrassment.

SURPRISE! Approximately 15 months after Liam was born, Hannah decided to come hurtling into the world, at a pace that we could not have anticipated. Just as we were getting used to life with a toddler who was proving good at fetching the remote, picking up crumbs after his parents, and almost sleeping the long hours that a human should, Hannah came and we went back to feeding, crying and pooping on demand – and I’m not only talking about Hannah. While everyone else fed and pooped – I cried!

9 Months on, and here I am. Considering the stress of the last year, you’d think I’d be grey, skinny and a bag of nerves. But no! I’ve a head full of hair, I’ve got rolls in places I should have muscle, and I’ve got a bag full of diapers, wet wipes and a mix of toys that will shut both a 2 year old and a 9 month old UP – simultaneously.

Welcome to my world!