Medicine – a mum’s best friend

So I am having a discussion with my girlfriend who knows more about paediatric medicines than I fear my own paediatrician does. I, myself, have a medicine chest that will rival any pharmacy and it seems that I am not alone in my complete fetish for childhood medicines. It’s become a habit to stroll down the baby aisle and linger just a little longer at the baby medicines; checking what’s new, what’s on special and what I don’t have in my collection. I look like a crazy lady, as a hover near the self medication counter, again checking out what cough mixture I haven’t tried, air punching when I realise I’ve got all my fever-medicine bases covered. Gone are the days of ogling over cute baby clothes and the itsy bitsy shoes, we’re onto drugs and rock-and-roll now, baby!

I’m detracting from the more serious issue at hand here.. having a sick child of course. However, I feel that paediatric medicines DESERVE a blog, they save our little ones from harmful germs and bacteria, they fight off infection and help our tots’ immune systems grow stronger. They are heroes in their own right, saving the world, one baby at a time! So yes, I write in honour of baby saving medicines all over the world!

I find it strange that my doctor takes offense when I want to have an active debate about the medicines she prescribes for my children. She may have studied these medicines for seven to ten years, but I have the actual experience of using them on my LIVE children, I can administer these meds to my kids and provide her with a blow by blow account of its effects on babies – which university can give you that sort of education?! So we basically have to tug-o-war over the prescription, until I am satisfied that she has prescribed the right medication for my child’s condition, and she gets upset! I suggested that she gives me a prescription pad and I will write them out myself from home so that she won’t have to deal with me personally every time my kids get sick, but I think her speechlessness and bulging eyes meant she didn’t like that idea either.

I so enjoy watching Liam’s reactions to medicine. He is much like his great grandfather was, somewhat of a medicinal connoisseur. He firstly gets excited about choosing an instrument to administer the medicine with..some days it’s the clear Perspex syringe which allows you to jump up and down and the medicine doesn’t fall out! Other days it’s the fat teaspoon with the funnel, that allows you to hold the teaspoon upright and the medicine collects in a little tube until the choo choo train goes into the tunnel and the teaspoon falls over into his mouth! What about the two headed teaspoon!! This one has a 5ml scoop on the one end, and a 2.5ml scoop on the other.. oh the choices!! Ah next, it’s the colour and texture.. some are “poiple” (purple) and yucky and other’s are “gween” (green) and yummy for your tummy! Watching Liam get excited for medicine is almost as exciting as wiping down my beloved bottles and placing them in alphabetical order in my beloved medicine chest! We are yet to experience this pleasure with Hannah, who is still at the stage where we have to wrestle, choke hold her, block her nose and blow in her face until she swallows.

I could go on and on about the contents of my medicine chest; the creams, the tablets, the suppositories, the anti inflammatory’s .. what about the other medical paraphernalia such as the thermometer, the trusty Disney plasters, oooooh and my personal favourite, the family heirloom hot water bottle, suitable for cold little toes or a sore tummy that needs some comforting!

Makes me want to go home right now and sort my chest out.. I think I’ll sort by colour coding this week.