So I promised an “after” entry and here it is… 

I returned home on Friday afternoon, exhausted from all the activities, the late nights and the general mayhem that ensues on work conference; nevertheless I had to keep it together for my babies. I was disappointed that Liam didn’t seem that impressed to see me. I had imagined one of those slow motion running hugs with soft music playing in the background, me – dropping my bags and running towards him, he – dropping his favourite toy to dash into my arms. But no.  He was more upset that I had left him for so long, that I hadn’t called, that I hadn’t explained well enough that when I said three days, I meant three days ( he didn’t say all of that, but I could read it in his sad eyes and grumpy expression). We had agreed I would keep verbal contact to zero, because it upset him too much, so I had to be satisfied with updates from Granny and Daddy, who sounded pretty perked up for two people who had been stuck in the house with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum for three days. 

But my baby girl was absolutely delighted to see me, which eased the pain of my sleep deprivation. I could tell by the belly shaking, the crawling around in circles in her cot (almost like a dog chasing her own tail) the squeals of delight, the hand clapping, the laying on her back and wiggling her fat stumpy legs in the air, and the general glow of euphoria – that she had MISSED ME. Like REALLY missed me! And it felt AWESOME! 

Everything looked pretty normal at home, and it seems they functioned quite well without me; I scoured the kids for bruises and found none. I opened the fridge expecting to find it bare, and it was fully stocked. I lifted up the toilet seat expecting to find some hidden grime – nothing. Wow, I really should do this getting-away thing more often. 

Then reality set in! There were bottles to be washed, bums to be changed, mouths to feed, two babies vying for my attention – oh and a husband! I wished I was back at Sun City – family free! However, as I got on with my motherly duties, juggling three things at once, stifling yawn after yawn, peeling one baby off my leg and the other off my waist, I realised that there was no other place I’d rather be, than right there with my family.