The Holidays (Part 1)


I’m going to dedicate my next few entries to our recent family holiday. I can’t possibly put it all into one blog, purely because it’s hard to document 11 days worth of baby stuff into one little scribble. Over the past 11 days, my two bundles of joy have provided me with blog worthy, Oscar winning material (if I can word it as wonderfully as I witnessed it) which will keep me typing for a few days yet. So if you thought my silence meant writer’s block, not at all, I was too busy holidaying with my family!

Getting Going


It happens with each and every trip, I tell myself that THIS time, I’m only going to take the absolute necessary. THIS time, I am only going to pack the bare minimum without making us go naked. THIS time I will prove once and for all, that I do not have a compulsive / obsessive streak when it comes to packing for a holiday.


I started by visibly laying out the basics – vests, socks, an average of 6 diapers per day, per child, two sets of clothing per day for Liam, suitable for both hot and cold weather. Four sets of clothing for Hannah – just because girl’s clothes are cuter.. not really, she just tends to mess a bit more and often suffers wardrobe malfunctions such as drool down the front or poo up the back. Oh and shoes – open shoes, closed shoes, bedroom shoes, church shoes. So that pretty much filled the first suitcase.

Onto bag number two which contained the toiletries and medicines – face clothes, his and her body washes, ear buds, baby powder, lotion, baby oil, sun block, after sun skin cooler, bum creams for severe rashes, and for not so severe rashes, Puma balm in case of tight chests, hair brushes, Hannah’s box full of hair accessories, nail clipper and of course loads of wet wipes. I think that was it? Without boring you with the details, I had medicines for at least the ten most likely childhood illnesses  – except my husband wouldn’t let me pack the humidifier, so make that the nine most likely illnesses.

Onto bag number three: activity wear for the coast – swim suits, swimming nappies, sun hats, swimming towels (different to bath towels which I forgot to mention above), and what about the miscellaneous items such as rain jackets and Wellington’s in case it rained and blankies for warmth and comfort. Ok, we were getting there, now for the kitchen items – bottles, drinking cups, feeding bowls and teaspoons, steam steriliser, bottle brush, Purity for those days when cooking was not feasible, baby cereal, think I got it all there. Ok, then onto the bigger items: camp cot and yes the mattress, two strollers, the walking ring and poor Liam – his bike was vetoed due to space constraints.

That covered the children, so the husband and I basically had a 10cm x 10cm gap for whatever we needed to pack. It’s usually my job to get all this together and my husband’s job to find the space for it in the car – oh and we have two gigantic car seats on the back seat, so we are really just confined to boot space.

It all worked out pretty well, although the hubby had  to drive with no rear view and my knees were almost touching my bosom, but off we went! Then we realised we left Barney and had to turn back.

But there was no stopping us, as with the start of any journey, spirits were high and complaints were few – for the first ten minutes at least. Then we had a bit of crying, a bit of food being flung around the back seat, the constant request for the SAME Barney song on the radio and I could feel myself grow weary. Then the medication kicked in and everyone fell asleep and it was a blissful journey there onwards. The end. No really. The end.