Meh and Bah

Although I have spent much time blogging about Liam’s remarkable vocabulary and his unstoppable, uncontainable, incomprehensible ability to talk almost every waking second of his life and mine; up until very recently, there was nothing much to say about Hannah on this particular subject. That’s because up until very recently, Hannah pretty much just gummy grinned, laughed out loud, and made peculiar  oooohhh, aaahhhh, and hmmmmm sorts of noises. Over the last few months, she’s blossomed into quite the talker. Her babbling shows character, the inflections and variations in her tone help me to ascertain whether she’s upset or angry, whether she’s telling us a joke or if she is just commenting on the current task at hand, like “look I’m playing with this Lego block, do you like it?” It seems the only person who truly understands her, is her brother, or perhaps he is just the nominated spokesperson between the two of them because mum and dad seem to understand him better,  so they usually have an in depth conversation, followed by Liam translating the said request through to us.

Although she can say mama and dada, she has opted to call me Meh and her father Bah. Quite Jewish, don’t you think? And I find it very heart warming that from even this tender age, when she gets hurt, she cries out for “Mehhhhh.” Bless her cotton socks! Before she could talk, I used to wonder what sort of a voice she’d have. Liam is high pitched, loud and speaks very fast, but Hannah seems to have some bass in her voice – like her mama (!), her voice is very sing-songy and has a lovely lilt to it, which I’m sure will disappear when she starts talking more like a human, and less like Morph (remember that putty character with the weird voice we all used to love?). 

I was hoping that God would have pity on me, and bless me with a second child who didn’t talk as much as my first child does, but it is not to be. We do, however, have bouts of silence, due to her sucking her dummy Maggie Simpson style. So we are grateful for some relief. Last night she was up at 3am babbling away in her room, this lasted for a while until I heard the irritation in her voice – the irritation of being ignored. I sat up with her until 5am and even though I played dead she continued to talk, sing, slap me around and smother me with kisses until she passed out at 5am – the time I had to get up and go to work.

So Missy, as your ability to speak improves day by day, I look forward to long girly chats about hairstyles and fashion, conversations about how BAD boys are and how you want to become a nun. But most importantly, I look forward to you and Liam being able to talk to each other and keep each other entertained, so that me and your dad can go back to speaking like two adults without saying words like baba, tata or wohwoh (baby talk for dog) in conversation.