But Baby its Warm Inside

So winter is upon us. It’s funny how you can’t actually remember how cold it gets? Yesterday I said to myself “wow, this is the coldest I have ever been in my whole entire life.” Then this morning I corrected myself – TODAY  is actually the coldest I have ever been. And tomorrow I’ll probably say the same and let’s be honest, winter hasn’t even really started. In the summer, I usually complain nonstop about how I prefer winter because at least you can protect yourself from the elements by padding up and keeping warm, whereas with summer, unless you have an internal cooling system like a camel, it’s quite difficult to keep cool, even with no clothes on. Alas, now that winter is here, I’d much prefer that summer sizzle, letting the kids run around with only their diapers on, feeling my husband skin to skin, instead of through four layers of clothing. So here’s what winter in my house has been like so far…

Although Hannah’s room is the toastiest during the day due to some serious UV rays hitting that side of the house, the room temperature drops to below zero (in my mind) at night. I’m beginning to think that Hannah suffers from some sort of claustrophobia, as she refuses to have any sort of covering over her body. With the effect, I dress her in sleeping gear fit for Alaska – vest and leggings, cotton romper and then fleecy romper. I’ve tried a cap to cover her ears, but she becomes hysterical about her ears – hysterical like Mary’s brother in There’s Something About Mary. These layers seem to work, except she can hardly move so if I put her down on her back, she lays there and calls out for assistance, until someone turns her over. Then it’s like caring for an elderly patient who needs to be shifted to avoid bed sores.

Liam doesn’t seem affected by the cold at all. While I dress him up, he prefers to dress himself down – usually to his vest, and that only stays on because he hasn’t yet mastered the art of unclipping his vest from between his legs. He thinks a hat is pretty cool and wears that without anything else on, so at least his ears and head are warm. I console myself with the fact that with all the running around he does, he generates enough body heat to sustain himself through the cold spells.

In terms of their eating habits during these cold months, I’ve tried my best to provide nutrition that would warm the cockles of any heart.. usually supplied by Woolworths, but it’s organic so it’s ok. Liam enjoys soup purely because he finds the slurping sound created by drinking his soup, most amusing. Hannah turns her nose up at soup, as if to say “I have teeth now, give me a bone to chew on or something.” They both enjoy warm Milo – with NO sugar, and if it didn’t cause such a mess, I’d give them a “Ouma’s” to dunk, but no – I don’t want to be on my hands and knees cleaning crumbs in this cold! So the husband and I eat the rusks and tell them it’s medicine. I do have one problem in that they both love yoghurt, and unfortunately that is one thing that can’t be served warm, I’ve tried and it sort of turns to curdled drinking yoghurt when heated.

Of course an entry about winter would not be complete without an insert on colds and flus. So far we’ve had three doses of the flu, two rounds of antibiotics, we’ve had eye colds with excesses of pus, we’ve had mucous in every shade and texture. My kids have coughed as if they smoke a pack a day and I’ve restocked my precious medicine chest twice over and it’s still AUTUMN!!! We keep re-infecting each other, so when and how will we get better? My doctor keeps going on about how this is actually good, that this will in fact strengthen their immune systems in the long run – huh? that’s some sick kind of reverse psychologically right there. “Doctor, my kid is coughing up a lung.” “No, it’s good, his immune system will be strengthened with the loss of that lung.”

And we won’t even get into nights been longer in the winter months, because we all know how little sleep I was getting in the summer.. now to endure even longer nights with a son who doesn’t appreciate the true beauty of a full night’s sleep. PLEASE can it just be summer again??