Out With The Old…

Kids, don’t ever underestimate the power of change. As I have explained in a previous post, I’ve started making small changes to our lives, in an effort to parent you better. Just a minute change to an otherwise boring routine, or a small surprise ingredient to a tried and tested recipe, just a dash more of patience at the end of a long day.. all these little things go a long way in improving our temperaments, our lifestyles, in fact, our whole lives!

That said, I thought it was time to revamp our online diary as well, and here it is… to all my trusted readers, please feel welcome in our new home : )

Ready, steady, GO!

5 thoughts on “Out With The Old…”

  1. you are by far my bestest author! i’m addicted to your blog and im not even a mommy! it’s fun and our kind of normal in every sense! i love the madness and i love you! don’t stop writing!!!! L 🙂

    1. Ah thanks Sherlock. Funny thing is, you actually inspired me somewhere along the line, between our long colourful emails over the years!

  2. My friend, best of luck for the competition. I know you will do well. You are the best. I love your blogs and i am positive everyone else will once they read them.

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