Big Brown Eyes

I read somewhere that babies are born with big bulbous eyes, to endear them more to their mothers (kinda like Mort, that cute cuddly thing that follows King Julien all over, in Madagascar, the movie). One of the first baby milestones that sends a mother’s oxytocin levels into overdrive, is when her baby really focuses on her for the first time. From that moment, you are pretty much hooked.. your baby will use his/her eyes in many ways to bring you much joy as they grow. And as they grow, they will also realise that by simply batting their eyes lashes.. you are putty in their hands.

Hannah has just discovered the power behind her big beautiful brown eyes. She knows how to make sad puppy dog eyes that will have Daddy drop whatever he is doing to come running to kiss better. She knows that if she squeezes her eyes tightly together while pretending to cry, she can generate a fair amount of fake tears. She knows that when she “makes eyes” we all laugh at her and she loves the attention.

But what she doesn’t know is that her eyes make my day. That when I walk into our home after a day at the office and I see her eyes light up excitedly at the sight of plain ‘ol me, I want to crush her in a love-hug. When she plays with her brother and they are sharing and being good and mummy isn’t shouting, her eyes dance with delight. When Daddy pushes her on her princess car, she giggles and I can see the joy radiating from her eyes.

It’s true! The eyes are the window to your soul, and for the most, I think all is well with Hannah’s soul, her eyes tell me so.

10 thoughts on “Big Brown Eyes”

  1. And she has the most adorable big brown eyes! I would do anything for her if she batted those lids at me! Gorgeous girl! Love you Robs xx

  2. She is such a pudding pie… I love her eyes on the blog profile pic.
    Sweet baby girl, tell her I still use my eyes on my dad and it works like a charm – poor By, for the rest of his life!!!

  3. Lovely! It’s great how when you’re a Mom, you’re never really ‘plain ol’ me’ ever again 🙂 And Hannah does have gorgeous eyes!

  4. What you’re saying is so true! All 3 my kiddies have the most beautiful dark brown eyes (comes from their dad being Indian) and when they look at you and you see the sparkle in their eyes each day, you feel like the best mom in the world.

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