Sleep Like Babies

I didn’t want to blog about this. I didn’t want to tempt fate, or give Murphy a reason to rain on my parade, but if truth be told, I actually cannot keep my mouth shut about it. I am so consumed with what’s happening in our household – or rather what’s not happening – that it’s all I talk about, I dream about it, I wake up smiling because of it. You see, this journey has not been an easy one, and I will not say we have “arrived” yet, because there are still teeth to be cut, nightmares to soothe, grouchy babies to placate – but it seems our journey has turned a corner, and this new road we find ourselves on is blissfully hushed. 

Our household has been mysteriously quiet during the twilight hours, so eerily quiet that I’m afraid to turn in my bed lest I shatter that beautiful silence. For the last few weeks (bar one night where Hannah hit a wobbly) our babies have been sleeping like.. well.. like babies. So great is my paranoia, that I feel that by talking about it, the sleep noo-noos are going to come and bite us in the bottom for prematurely smacking high fives and breaking out the bubbly. This is not the first time we have experienced an uneventful full night of sleep, but in the past, it was usually because we had drugged them. No seriously. THIS time is different because it has hit a record breaking two weeks, with no medication, no promises of a surprise in the morning, no coercing or force necessary. It seems that our babies have just come to understand that night time is for sleeping. We still prepare their night time drinks as we are still very cynical about this whole sleeping debacle, and after the last two years of sleepless in Gauteng, who wouldn’t be? We try to remain calm when we wake the next morning to find the night time drinks untouched, just where we had left them, but this week I did allow myself one pyjama jig and a double high five with the husband. This is BIG! 

Any parent with a baby can relate to at least one time (if you are lucky) in your baby’s life where you felt like your eyeballs would roll right out of their sockets due to being so utterly exhausted from sleepless nights. It really is a pernicious disease that inflicts almost every household with a small baby, and in our case TWO babies. I’ve waxed lyrical about what a bad sleeper Liam is (was?) and Hannah, although a good sleeper, enjoys torturing us occasionally with her all-nighters, so now that we are getting a good eight hours in at night, I sincerely feel like a new person. I’ve noticed the impact on the whole household, we smile more, we no longer grunt/bark/snarl at each other in the mornings, and we are drinking way less coffee to keep us going.

Initially, I would still get up to make sure all was well, that they were warmly covered, and I’d put my little finger under their nostrils to make sure they were breathing. However these days, I sleep through the night myself, I dream about how I am enjoying my sleep and when I wake up to the sound of my alarm, I no longer have the urge to smash it against the wall because I feel like I’ve had my full quota of sleep – I wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

It’s a beautiful thing.. I hope this is the start of a long and promising season for us! At the back of my mind, I know that Hannah still has a mouthful of teeth to cut and I know that it’s normal for a kid to wake many times during the night and they are not always able to successfully put themselves back to sleep, but at least I know that they CAN do it. My babies are not insomniacs, they can sleep like the best of them; they do not need psychiatric assessments as I had often thought during those sleepless nights because yes, they can sleep like babies!


4 thoughts on “Sleep Like Babies”

  1. OH friend, how i envy you. Thats awesome. At our next function please tell your kids to speak to my kids( well actually just to Noah)

    1. Friend, I waited a looooong time for this! I just hope that when Hannah’s next round of teeth come in, it doesnt throw her sleep routine out! There’s always something to worry about hey?

  2. Aaahhhhhh, absolute bliss for you guys I’m sure! Don’t worry, when Hannah’s teeth start “cutting”, you can hook her up with some of that medication that will knock her out again 😉

  3. Yeah! Welcome to the world of all night sleep!!! Its awesome! (But I must admit, it still doesn’t make waking any easier for me!!!)Haha! Our babies are growing! Enjoy! Xx

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