Roll on the weekend!

Looking forward to a night away with the Hubster tomorrow! Besides the fact that it’s a free night away with all the bells and whistles that a game lodge offers, it’s also a night away from the babies! The first night without BOTH of them since before Hannah was born – which feels like FOREVER! I won’t lie, MG (Mother’s Guilt) has set in and I feel bad for leaving the kids over a weekend – the only real time we have to spend together – but I will not be sucked in, we DESERVE this break, we NEED this break and I will make up for it with lots of kisses when I get back.

I think I am more worried about the babysitters than the kids. Hannah will be at home with Zoleka, poor Zoleka who has worked hard all week and still has to work on the weekend, bless her heart. Hannah loves Zoleka, sometimes I think she loves Zoleka more than she loves me, so really I am not too oconcerned about her well being. Liam will be with his aunt and cousins, whom he loves very much. He has been talking non stop about his pending sleepover so I’m not overly concerned about him either. But should Hannah and Liam decide that they miss Dad and I, then the worse that could happen is that they would cry. A lot. For a long period of time. Crying is yet to kill a person, but it may just kill the person who has to listen to it, hence my concern for the babysitters, more than for my children.

Anyway, my bags are packed! I’ll be sure to blog about the trip as well as how the babies coped without us. I personally, cannot wait to lounge in the bath for as long as my heart desires, without the water toys being thrown in my face and water bombs messing up my hair. Or lay with my feet up reading a trashy magazine without interruption while the hubby feeds me strawberries. Or sleep in, without a small finger poking me in the eye, asking for Milo. I’ll miss my little mites but I think this time apart will do us all good. 



4 thoughts on “Roll on the weekend!”

  1. Please don’t enjoy yourself too much and come home with a little number 3!!! Have a great time away! You both deserve it! Lots of love xx

  2. Im so damn green! How was it? Was it awesome! Did you forget a little that you had kids and then remembered 20min later with MG! I so need a weekend away!

    1. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Look out for my next post for full details! I kept thinking the kids would LOVE this or that, but in no way did I wish they were there!! ha! Yes, can’t wait to go away without them again, hahaha!

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