What a weekend!

This weekend was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Like candyfloss and Lindt chocolate amazing. Like babies who sleep through the night amazing. Like winning the Lotto amazing. Ok maybe not that amazing, but you know what I mean. It was enormously AMAZING!!! Ok, now I promise never to use the word amazing again, throughout this post. 

It started off on a bit of a wobbly.. Hannah was asleep when we left (of course she would choose this morning to have her longest nap EVER) and I was upset because I didn’t get to say good bye properly with lots of hugs and kisses. I was also hurt because Liam didn’t seem to be as distressed as I was, at the prospect of a night apart. And then we had the usual trouble involved with a weekend away.. me packing the bags, the hubby complaining that I had packed too much, me unpacking the bags, the hubby complaining that I was going to make everyone late. We eventually made it to my sister in law’s, where Liam would spend the night, and after a rather theatrical good bye worthy of an Oscar  – from me, not Liam – we were off on our kid-free weekend. 

After cocktails on the Sandton Sun Deck, we were whisked away in Mercedes Benz Vito mini buses to the stunning Legend Golf and Safari Resort, situated on the Entabeni Safari Conservancy. Even the car ride was a pleasure – no whining or crying or dry Cheerio’s being thrown at the back of my head. On arrival, our bags were taken to our rooms and we hopped straight onto the truck for our first game drive. I did feel the tears well up every time I saw a baby lion cub snuggling up to its mother, or a young cheetah looking for his brother who he had lost in the wilderness, they reminded me of my own cubs back at home. My husband rolled his eyes and sighed annoyingly every time I made reference to the kids looking like the cute cuddly animals, geez he is so cold and heartless! Back in our rooms, I was mesmerised by the sheer opulence of our living quarters. When I spotted the massive corner bath, my first thought was that the four of us would fit comfortably in it, but I didn’t voice my thought because the hubby would have thrown a hissy for mentioning the kids AGAIN on our weekend away. The his and her shower with a shower head the size of my whole shower at home, and since we’re talking about size.. the bed was elephantine with big fluffy white pillows and a duvet that you just wanted to bounce into and wrap yourself up in – Liam would have LOVED it! Granted we are not accustomed to five star; when you are a family of four, you usually opt for the three star or self catering at best, but in my world I was in the lap of luxury. The fully stocked complementary bar fridge, the white gowns, the full DSTV bouquet, the under floor heating, and the little choccie on my pillow – just added to the luster of the whole experience. YES I sat in the bath until my fingers and toes shriveled, YES we laid on the bed and just watched tv mindlessly in silence, and YES I leisurely paged through a magazine – even though it was the in-house brochure because I had nothing else to read, I still enjoyed reading at my leisure! We enjoyed an extravagant buffet dinner, and anyone who knows me well, knows I love my food. I tasted everything and I ate slowly, savouring every hot bite. After dinner we  sat around a huge blazing outdoor fire, with a man and his guitar serenading us, he was pretty good until he started with Lalalalalalabamba.. then I had to excuse myself. The next morning we were up early for another game drive, although the game drive was optional I knew my internal alarm wouldn’t let me sleep in anyway, so I forced the hubby to join me – he apparently has no internal alarm and was quite miffed that he still had to get up early, even though there were no small mouths who needed breakfast, or bums that needed changing. Highlight of the weekend was my helicopter flip, and seriously, I kept thinking Liam would have LOVED this!!!

 All in all, it was a wonderful time away from our humdrum mundane routine. It was a much needed break away from the kiddies, and I enjoyed reconnecting with my hubby and discovering that we still do have things in common other than DNA our children share. And now that I know they can survive without us overnight, I am happily planning our next getaway.

Oh, about the kids.. Hannah gave me a slap hello and stuck her dummy in my mouth, that means she missed me, I think? Liam gave me a blow by blow account of EVERYTHING I had missed out on while we were away.. he was still talking after I had put the light off at bed time…


5 thoughts on “What a weekend!”

  1. I think it’s safe to say that Liam is SO OVER staying at home – I’m seeing lots more “stay aways” for him in your future – sorry mama, you’ll have to get used to it. Glad you guys had a good time 🙂

  2. Sounds fabulous!! Its good for parents and kids to have time apart… Also makes you appreciate the time together, those Munchkins are growing up!! Lots of love xx

  3. Happy u got away friend. Sounds like u had a fabulous time, exactly what I have planned as soon as little mika can survive without me!

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