Spring has sprung!

Spring has truly sprung, and if these warm days are anything to go by, it’s going to be a hot, hot Summer – bring it! We are enjoying the longer days, and the shorter hemlines. And how much easier is it to dress a toddler in summer clothes, as compared to layers and layers of winter clothes? It takes half the time and half the energy for both the dresser and the “dressee.” So in the spirit of a new season; a new beginning which always calls for a new wardrobe, I decided to spring clean the kids’ cupboards this weekend and here are a few emotions that I experienced as I undertook this tedious task.


At last I reap the rewards of having my two babies so close together! Hannah fits perfectly into all of Liam’s short sleeved vests, t-shirts and shorts from last year. They are perfect for knocking about in at home, and I have no problem with girls wearing Ben10, Spiderman and the rest of the Marvel superhero cast. This means I can spend the majority of her summer wardrobe budget on cute frilly PINK summer items, as the basics are taken care of! I was happy to chuck out all the thick woolly jackets, jerseys and baby growers, the tracksuits and the long johns, the thermal vests and so many pairs of stockings and tights – how many does one little girl need??


Yes, I get this with every clean out and it annoys me no end – brand spanking new items, tags still intact that they’ve grown out of, before they could even wear them. And although I know I’ll be giving these away to other babies who will make good use of them, it still frustrates me! This equates to taking a hundred rand note, lighting a match under it and watching it go up in smoke. Of course the other frustration was Liam throwing a hissy every time I threw something into the “to go” pile, he couldn’t understand why I wanted to give away his precious Sharky top, even though the sleeves sit half way up his arms, or his Ben10 tracksuit pants, even though they fit him more like three/quarter shorts, than long pants. Seems he is going to be a hoarder, like his mother.


Just a small little touch of it…As I battled to refold all the new born items (folding these has always been a pet peeve because they are so darn difficult to fold!), I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad and nostalgic. The hubby and I have almost certainly agreed that we’re done doing it for procreation, and we’re sticking to doing it for fun. But as I fought with these little items (I ended up just wrapping them into a big ball and stuffing them into the bag), I felt sad to think that I wouldn’t be pregnant again, that I wouldn’t feel a little mouth nursing on my boob again, that I wouldn’t rock a baby to sleep ever again! Wow, as I’m typing this I feel quite broody..

Ok that feeling’s gone! Whew! Point is, it’s quite a big chapter to turn the page on and although it makes me a little sad, I have wonderful memories.


As I packed I thought about how fast they grow.. In a few years we’d be dealing with big school, and PTA meetings, and teenage stuff and I felt scared because I can barely look after them now, while I am still able to restrain them in their strollers.. How will I do this when they are old enough to outrun me?

Warm and fuzzy!

When I stood back and admired my handy work of 3 black bags full, and I looked at the special items I had put aside, too precious to throw out.. Like their christening outfits, their hand knitted jerseys, and their soccer kits which they have outgrown, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.. my babies are growing – not only out of their clothes, but mentally and emotionally. Soon I’ll be able to ask for a cup of tea or have a whole conversation about why their curfew is set at such a time or get a foot massage in exchange for pocket money.. can’t wait!!

One thought on “Spring has sprung!”

  1. Can relate so well to this post Robyn! I remember feeling so happy/sad when I folded away all my girls’ baby clothes, knowing that they wouldn’t be used by us again. And have also kept those few special outfits – the ones that just bring back a million memories when you see them. I must admit that I’m always so envious of the kids at the start of each season – they get an entire new wardrobe and I’m lucky if I manage to get myself just 1 t-shirt!! 🙂

    (sorry Robyn, I posted this comment to the incorrect post on your ‘this is me page’!)

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