Drum Roll Please…

This weekend is going to be pretty big for a few reasons:

1. I am leaving both kids with Zoleka for the first time.

We try and make sure she only has one kid at a time for extended periods – for obvious reasons – they will DRIVE YOU INSANE. However, they are both now at an age where they are easy to care for.. they play together, they ask for food if and when they are hungry, they can change the channels to watch whatever they want to on the telly, so this keeps them quiet for a while. You really just have to be around to make sure they aren’t tempted to do anything silly.. like find my make up bag and spill all its contents onto the floor and proceed to paint pretty pictures with my lipstick, blusher and foundation. Or switch the washing machine on and let it run empty for an entire cycle. Or bang the T.V remote around until it breaks into a trillion pieces. YES, unsupervised they are destroyers. Anyway, the point is, my husband and I are going out alone and we’ve decided that it’s now time for Zoleka to run the family business. To facilitate the smooth running of this auspicious occasion, we’ve decided that we’ll cut Liam’s day time nap so that he is utterly exhausted, which means at precisely 7pm, he will fall down wherever he is into a deep coma which should last until the following morning, so Zoleka won’t have too much to do other than make sure he is bathed and fed by 6pm and in a safe place so that he doesn’t hit his head too hard when he falls down at 7pm.

2. Hannah goes to Children’s Church

Please understand that we have been sitting in the Parents Lounge at church for two years solid. No sooner was Liam ready to go to children’s church, Hannah came along and we were banished to this room again. We have seen parents come and go, we have seen babies born and grow and graduate from the Parents Lounge.. and here we still are. Don’t get me wrong, the Parents Lounge is great, it’s well equipped with a live feed to the main church auditorium so you don’t miss a thing, there’s fabulous changing and breastfeeding facilities, and comfy couches, but let’s be honest.. it’s a room full of babies aged between 0 – 15 months, they are loud and messy in ALL regards.. they cry loud, laugh loud, talk loud, poop loud. It’s a bit difficult to get a touch from the Holy Ghost when you’re slyly watching that baby who looks like it wants to poke your baby’s eye out, but you don’t want to cause a scene, so you make like you aren’t watching. A few weeks ago, we attempted to leave Hannah at Kidzone (children’s church) – I received an sms half way into the service saying that my child was hysterical. When I got to her class, she was standing in the middle of the room yelling, she wouldn’t let anyone near her.. it looked like a theatrical performance with all the teachers and other babies standing at a distance staring at her, while she stood in the middle of the room “singing” at the top of her lungs. So last week, with much trepidation, I left her again. This time I didn’t get a call or an sms, but I was tense and fidgety all the way through the service, anticipating the call! When I went to fetch her, I could tell she had been bawling, but she was quite calm – until she saw me, and then the water works started. However, her teachers said she was pretty good, she cried for a bit but soon got involved.. so THIS week I am really looking forward to sitting with the big people, being part of the church and fully engrossing myself in the service, knowing that Hannah will be fine and will hopefully be getting her own Holy Spirit touch! 

3. It’s the last weekend of my 20’s!

I’m always talking about the milestones my kids have reached.. but next week I reach a milestone of my own.. I turn 30! God has been good! I have no qualms about getting older, in fact I am embracing my coming of age. I am also quite pleased with myself, other than being a millionaire, I have accomplished everything I said I would by the time I hit 30. I am happily married, my family is complete, I have job that I enjoy, I repeat.. God has been good! I don’t feel 30 and I certainly don’t look 30, I think I look about 16, with a few wrinkles and a few fat rolls… I feel GREAT! So as I bow out of my 20’s, I’d like to state that it has been an adventure with many highs and lows and I eagerly look forward to my future. Give me my sunglasses, because baby my future looks BRIGHT!

Roll on the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…”

  1. Yes dear, you certainly look 16! Its been a pleasure watching you age!! Let us know how the baby sitting thing and the sunday school go!! Mwah! Have a great weekend! Xx

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