YAY for Grandparents!

Is it normal for a grown person to be so excited at the prospect of seeing their parents? I’m soooo excited!! We’ve been counting sleeps and at last Liam can stop asking me “is it Thursday yet” because yes, tomorrow is Thursday and my folks  get here in the morning! Not sure who’s more thrilled, me or the kids, but whatever it is, our house has an expectant air about it and I love it!

So I’ve done the quick fix.. this refers to filling up your fridge with useless items that no one will probably eat, but it gives the appearance of being full, and you always want a full fridge when your parents visit because it means you are a good wife and mother who takes care of her family (even though your family won’t eat half the stuff you’ve bought like gherkins and olives and pepperdews, but hey I may want to make a fabulous salad or something?). My husband always looks at me quizzically when he opens the fridge pre-parents-visit: yesterday there was mayonnaise, jam, a few random apples, tomatoes, eggs and Mrs Balls chutney. TODAY there’s not even space for leftovers.

I’ve asked Zoleka to change the linen on their bed, and to place a refill tube of Stay Soft under each pillow – if you haven’t tried this before, please do.. it gives your linen the most incredible fresh smell without overwhelming your senses as you sleep! The good towels are out and we’ve cleared space in the cupboard for their clothes and toiletries. My husband wants to know if the King and Queen are visiting. Look, I try to make their stay as pleasant as possible in the hopes that they will never want to leave. I love having my parents in my house, other than the fact that my father hogs the TV remote, it’s always a time I treasure.

Of course I have to call on Zoleka again to really try her best to make sure the house is spotless. I don’t usually smooth my finger across the table tops to make sure Zoleka has cleaned well, I trust that she tries her best considering she has to cook, clean, wash AND look after Hannah girl. But my mum keeps a clean house and I feel sort of obliged to make sure that I meet her standards. Again, this is something my husband can’t understand but it’s just something that moms and daughters do, I want her to think I am as good a housekeeper as she has trained me to be, even though I suck at it; if it wasn’t for Zoleka, our house would look like the aftermath of a hurricane every day.

But the highlight of my parents visiting is that Liam and Hannah will have nothing to do with us when their grandparents are around and BELIEVE me, there is no love lost there, in fact my husband and I can’t wait to be relieved of our parental duties, that’s what grandparents are for after all. The kids will hardly look at us and will not allow us to do anything for them – I mean how awesome is that! When my parents visit, Liam does tend to morph into a little monster who doesnt listen to a word I say, unless I say it with a smack, but I try to ignore his shenanigans, because I know he is trying to impress his grandparents with his “coolness” which actually translates into him being too big for his boots. Hannah also loves all the attention, and who wouldn’t.. grandparents get excited when their grandkids do basic things like breathe, so she also brings out the diva, with her every whim being attended to.

So yes, other than the hubby (who thinks all this hype is wasted on my parents who really don’t care about anything other than spending time with their grandchildren), our household will probably not sleep tonight as we await the arrival of Granny and Pa!


4 thoughts on “YAY for Grandparents!”

  1. I love this piece cause I can so relate to it!!! Everything must be perfect… then I glow when mum says’ “Your lounge looks good,” or “I like what you’ve done to the kitchen” !!! All the best stuff comes out and no-one is allowed to walk on the floors until Granny and Pa get here!!!! Shame!!! Yes, Love being with them! Can’t wait to see you guys too! Lots of love xxx

  2. Hi Robyn! Lovely piece ….. you do know that ‘Granny & Pa’ are just as excited (perhaps even more )about seeing you, Byron and the munchkins! I know that air of expectancy / excitement that you feel about being reunited with your folks, will be with you always! It was like that for me all my life, and still is; as I look forward to being reunited with Ma & Pa oneday. May it be a Blessed time together – enjoy! Love Zelda

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