Awwwwww, so cute!

As much as possible I want to document all the cute-melting-moment things you guys say and do. This week you provided us with many awwwwwww moments, and here they are in no specific order!

Our usual bath and bed time routine consists of me and the hubby bathing both babies together, then I dress Hannah while Dad dresses Liam. Then Dad goes down and prepares Hannah’s night time drink and gets the dummies out of the steriliser, while I brush Hannah’s hair and Liam gives me tips on what hair style to try that day. Anyway, last Wednesday Dad took extremely long downstairs and Hannah was becoming increasingly desperate to suck on her dummy. This isn’t a problem for Liam because he quite easily substitutes dummy for thumb and vice versa. Hannah, either hasn’t cottoned onto sucking her thumb (thank goodness) or else it just doesn’t taste as good as silicone. Anyway, Liam and I tried all sorts of things to pacify her, and nothing worked until he stuck HIS thumb into HER mouth. What a good big brother. She happily sucked on his thumb until Dad arrived with the dummies. Cutest thing EVER!

We were stuck at a red light, when Liam noticed a physically disabled man in a motorised wheelchair crossing the road. He immediately asked what was wrong with him. Dad explained that his legs didn’t work properly and that his special chair helped him to get around. Liam was happy with that answer and on we went. About 15 minutes later, he pipes up “that man’s mommy must give him medicine to make his legs better.” AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Now how do I respond to that?

The next incident was not cute, but it’s one of those things that are way funnier and cuter after the event, once the dust has settled and your heart rate has normalised. Yesterday, I was cooking while Liam and Hannah were playing in the back yard – or so I thought. Now unless I hear screaming or the complete opposite (silence), I don’t really check up on them as I know they are secure in our yard. So yesterday I heard a knock at the door, I thought it was the Census lady who had promised she’d be back to help me complete the ridiculously long form, so imagine my surprise when I saw my neighbour with MY two babies standing next to him. He asked if these two belonged to me… I was flabbergasted, embarrassed and amused all in one go. I think I was less panicked because I didn’t realise they were gone. Had I walked out and not found them playing in the garden where I had left them, I think I may have reacted very differently! I thanked him profusely and went to investigate. The monkeys had opened the gate.. a gate we never keep locked because we didn’t know they could open it! When I asked Liam who had opened the gate, he immediately said Hannah and pointed at her with big eyes.. yeh right. When I asked Hannah if she had opened the gate, she giggled and clapped hands.. not sure what to make of that response? Anyway, I won’t talk about the possible horrors that went through my mind when I actually sat down and thought about the whole incident. Instead I’ll focus on the cuteness of it all… the two of them opening the gate and waddling out in their pyjamas, holding hands and probably giggling at the naughtiness of it all.


The little things you guys do that have me in stitches…

  1. How you get down on the dance floor every time Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sings “Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggidy Dog.”
  2. Hannah’s new favourite word is “more”. Pronounced “mooooore” and she pulls her mouth into a perfect “O” every time she says it.
  3. How you both pull your faces when you drink ginger beer.
  4. How Liam thinks the KFC Colonel is Jesus.
  5. How Hannah says “yay” and claps hands every time someone sneezes because yes, sneezing should be celebrated. 

Love you guys xxx

2 thoughts on “Awwwwww, so cute!”

  1. AAAAWWWWWWW! This is such a cute piece! My favourites are that Liam thinks the colonel is Jesus, and the celebration of sneezes!! There is such a good reason that your kids are born close to each other… at first it upset you, but they are going to share such an awesome bond! That’s great! I love how they love each other… tell Liam aunty also wants some thumb!! Great piece! xxx

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