SA Blog Awards – get voting!

See that box on the right? Something about SA Blog Awards? Yes, that’s the one.. Now CLICK and VOTE! PLEEEEEZE!!

For me, of course!


5 thoughts on “SA Blog Awards – get voting!”

  1. DO you know how the voting works? Because I have voted with both my email address and now I cant vote for any more and I want to vote for you…

    1. Oh no! Just checked the email I received from them and it says: “Should your voter decide to vote for another blog in the same category you will lose the original vote, as their new vote will override the initial vote.”

      That kinda sucks, I was just about to start my voting! And I think all of us chose the same category, as there wasn’t a specific one for mommybloggers? Shall we agree to vote once for ourselves only? LOL!!

      1. That just sucks… I have 2 email address, so I voted once for myself and then for Celeste…

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