All dressed up and nowhere to go…

Kideos, last night I went to the opening of the new Naartjie store in Sandton City. It is beeeoootiful, as Naartjie stores are, of course. They have delicious trendsetting stuff for summer and I had to hold myself and my credit card back. I tried to be fair and split the budget (what budget?) equally down the line between the two of you.. but I have to admit I am too easily swayed by anything pink and frilly (even though I swore clear off pink when Hannah was born because that’s the only colour she wore)…so Liam, Hannah did score slightly bigger than you on this shop, my darling… which leads me to the point of today’s ramble..

Liam, as you grow older you may start to notice that Hannah has about double the closet space that you do, you may also notice that she has double the amount of shoes that you do. Don’t be offended because you have some super gorgeous gear too, just not in as high a volume as Hannah does. But let’s be honest… girls stuff is just way cuter than boys stuff and simply irresistible, and I just cannot walk away from a sparkly pink t-shirt with matching tights and a cute frilly cap to match. My obsession with little girls clothes probably stems from the fact that I think one day, Hannah is going to tell me that pink makes her puke and organza make her itch, and all she wants to wear is shorts and tees like her brother. So until such time, I want to dress her up in all things girly. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those moms who dress their little girl up like a Barbie Doll with lipgloss to match, I firmly believe that little people’s clothes should allow them to run, jump and roll around without getting in the way, they should be breathable, and durable, able to withstand many cycles in the washing machine.. but that’s why I love the things I picked up for Hannah at Naartjie last night.. they are all that, and still gorgeous and PINK!

Liam, your wardrobe is colourful, and I think this matches your personally perfectly. You look so handsome in bright colours, but last night at Naartjie I realised how absolutely gorgeous neutrals can be on you. I could totally see you in those beige checked shorts! So I got you lots of tops and bottoms in neutral colours, which we can mix and match with splashes of colour to make you the best dressed lad on the playground.

But you guys know that clothing is not a big deal in our house, you guys look adorable no matter what you wear. I won’t deny that I do enjoy sprucing you up from time to time but on the whole, having fun and being comfortable is paramount.

Can’t wait to see you rocking your Naartjie summer gear though! Xxx


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