The Miracle of Life

You made my whole being; you formed me in my mother’s body. I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well. You saw my bones being formed as I took shape in my mother’s body. When I was put together there, you saw my body as it was formed. All the days planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old. Psalm 139: 13 – 16 NCV

Yesterday one of my very special friends who I’ve known for about 113 years, gave birth to her first child. A precious little girl called Erin. Babies, like weddings and funerals, make me feel very nostalgic and warm and fuzzy inside (yes, I said funerals).

The thing about a new baby, is that it truly renders a person speechless, when you actually think about this thing called Creation. I don’t want to get technical, lest I offend some of my more sensitive readers, but it blows my mind every time I think about how a new life is formed. The wonder and the beauty of egg-meet-sperm and BOOM that little ball of cells transforms into a LIFE, and the amazing journey of pregnancy as this zygote, transforms into a  foetus, and this beating heart develops from well.. nothing.. like out of nowhere.. and fingers, toes, eyes and eye lashes all develop perfectly and in tune to some rhythm that the body intuitively knows how to follow. The intricacies of brain cell development and how the umbilical cord acts as this life line between mother and child, and how a woman’s body just knows what to do with this life growing inside of her and her body automatically prepares itself to host this baby and bear it forth into the world. Wow, I can’t help but get goose bumps and feel teary when I think of the Mastermind behind this miraculous event called pregnancy and childbirth. God in his infinite wisdom and abounding love for us, made it work this way, and it is beautiful and perfect and amazing, to say the least!

A baby, no matter the form in which it found its way into your life (because we all know that not everyone’s journey is simple), does something to the lives of the people it encounters. From moms and dads, to siblings and grandparents, to neighbours and even strangers, a baby has this ability to mend walls, bridge gaps and unite people across race, religion and culture. When you witness firsthand the complete innocence of a little child, the complete surrendering of themselves to whatever task they undertake, whether it’s eating a banana with gusto or belly laughing on a merry-go-round in pure unadulterated pleasure, you can’t help but be reminded of the goodness of humanity, it gives us hope, it warms the heart, it makes grown men cry.

So this post is dedicated to the wonder that is babies, aside from all the poo, vomit, sleepless nights and crying, God made no mistake when he was busy with His Creation blueprint. I came across this video and was once again, astounded at the beauty of creation, something that even science can’t fully explain, because it is just that awesome and there’s no doubt that the Hand of Divinity composed and orchestrated this master piece.

PS: The gremlins are hard at work, and I can’t seem to upload the video for your viewing pleasure, but click here and hopefully cyberspace will be more kind to you, than it has been to me today. Too precious xxx



One thought on “The Miracle of Life”

  1. Only looked at this today! Its wonderful and I just stand in awe of our Creator! Its magnificent how marvelously life was planned! A beautiful video clip! Thanks xx

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