Barney Mania

Every time I see an advertisement for the Baby Expo or the Baba Indaba, I smirk and think to myself ha, my baby days are almost over. I don’t need to be a part of those masses of excitable pregnant women, pushing my way through crowds of moms, dads and tots just to get to the toilet, queuing for hours at the Baby City till points or waiting patiently to get a 4D scan done. The only baby shopping I do consists of nappies, wet wipes, bum cream, body wash and shampoo and I’m hoping to slowly phase these out in the next few months, with Hannah showing keen interest to wee in the toilet – standing up like her brother – but that’s a blog for another day. This said, we were forced to go to the Baby Expo this weekend because Liam spotted his favourite purple dinosaur on a flyer, and although he can’t read, he quizzed me to find out what it said. Without thinking, I told him that the REAL Barney was coming to town. And well, that was it, we had no choice. We had to go.

Please excuse the poor quality of my photos taken with an entry level Blackberry (all you iPhone users, don’t spit at the screen now). I was well prepared with freshly installed batteries in my camera, but luck of the purple dinosaurs, my camera just wouldn’t work. So here’s a rather rough edged look at our encounter with Barney.



4 thoughts on “Barney Mania”

  1. Oh lovely kids! Glad they had a ball!! Please don’t bring any Barney paraphernalia on holiday!!! This as a Barney-free zone!! Lol xx

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