Hannah Banana!

So Hannah is an only child. And loving it. Liam has gone to “Durban by the sea” as he calls it, to spend time with his granny and pa. Hannah has taken full advantage of his absence.

Where's she? Where's she? Where's she?


There's she!

She did look a bit baffled as she ran to the door to greet us, yesterday afternoon. Maaaaaamaaaaa! Daaaaadaaaaaaa! Leeeeeeee? Leeeeeeeee? Where Lee? And that was it. She spent the early evening helping me make dinner and she loved having my full and utter attention. I’ve just realised that she loves Italian cherry tomatoes, especially the part when you bite into one and it squirts tomato juice all over your face and down your chin. Boy, did she find that amusing. Needless to say, we had a bleak looking green salad with very few bits of tomato in it. Then she rode Liam’s bike up and down, just in a straight line, not really going anywhere fast. I think she was just thrilled to have HIS bike all to herself, as usually Liam throws a hissy if she touches his bike. We rolled on the bed, she fed Barney some milk, she harassed Daddy a bit. At bath time, she jogged up and down the bath, taking full advantage of the extra space. And at bed time, she first gave us a show with lots of hugs and kisses and eyelid batting. Geez, this kid is a drama queen who loves to be in the limelight. Given the chance, she’ll charm you out of your socks and then some.   

So although we miss our big boy and brother, we now know that Hannah doesn’t reallllllly mind being the side-kick, but she sure does love to play centre stage.

Some for Barney...



...And some for me!




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