The Prodigal Son

Liam, the prodigal son, returned home on Sunday after two weeks in Durban with his Granny and Pa. I can’ t exactly say he was thrilled to be home, I can’ t even be sure if he missed us. After the initial euphoria of being together again, he quickly reminded us that he likes Durban and that he wants to go back. And has been throwing this comment in there, every chance he gets, just in case we missed it the first time. He coloured up when he saw Hannah, and she all but threw herself into an epileptic fit of excitement when she saw him. I, personally was glad to have him home; firstly because I missed him so very much, but also because he could go back to playing baby sitter for Hannah and I could get some peace and quiet again.

To say that Liam has grown in the two weeks that we have been apart, is an understatement. Physically, he has definitelysprouted a few inches; I notice it as he reaches up for his toothbrush on the bathroom counter, or when he hugs me around my knees and his head is now in line with my belly button, much better than when he was in line with my crotch. His vocabulary has furthermore increased, as if that was even possible. Not sure what Granny was allowing him to watch, but I assume he has picked up “don’t talk to me, talk to my lawyer” from those corny day time insurance TV advertisements. I forgive Granny for this, because his manners have most definitely improved. Although he has always been a polite little somebody, he now follows the “please” or “thank you” or “excuse me” with the name of the person he is addressing…you know what they say: manners maketh a man!

What I have noticed is that even though he doesn’t consciously acknowledge it, and didn’t show any signs of being traumatised while we were apart, he obviously missed me, his most favourite person in the world, the most. He has become somewhat clingy – not in a crazy way – just in needing more hugs and kisses and attention than usual. He wants me to help him with everything and to watch every move he makes, like “look mommy, I’m changing the channel” or “look mommy, I’m pointing my right index finger at my left eyeball.” Ok, not that crazy, but just needing constant assurance and positive reinforcement. I know it’s just because we’ve been apart because I see it wearing off as he gets back into the swing of being home again. But it does make me wonder what prolonged separation from the primary caregiver does to these little souls, because even though we were apart for just two weeks and he was with the people he loves most in the world after his nuclear family, I know that it did have an effect on him… not negative or positive, but enough for me to notice. He and Hannah have been hanging out together alot; fighting and making up, sharing then slapping each other around, trading bikes and then crying to have their own bike back, hugging then pinching… true sibling affection, no doubt.

I am happy and at peace to have my chicken back in the nest. He completes our family, and although the break was good for us and for him, we were lost without him. Here are a few reunion pics of my two little chicks. Aren’t they clucking cute?!!! And yes, Hannah’s hair deserves a post all on its own, I know!


One thought on “The Prodigal Son”

  1. Haha! That’s just the way I love her hair!! She’s a beauty! And as for aunty’s boy! He’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them!!! Xxx

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