Ice Ice Baby

I am not even sure that it’s called a deep freezer. Some call it a chest freezer, others say it’s a deep-freeze. Whatever you want to call it, we just bought a 200 litre freezer thing-a-ma-bob and I love it!

To give you a bit of background… when we got married, the hubby promised me that one day, I too could get a double door stainless steel fridge like the one in the Defy TV advertisement, but seeing as we stayed in a tiny two bedroom flat at the time, I had to settle for a normal fridge with the three drawer freezer at the bottom. And this was fine for us. One whole drawer used to be dedicated to ice trays… that’s how little we used to freeze. My pre-baby memory is a bit rusty but I think we had a chicken and some burger patties and perhaps a packet or two of frozen vegetables in the other drawers and on occasion, a two litre vanilla ice cream. Oh, and of course those blue freezer blocks that you put in your cooler box when you go camping, because a freezer just wouldn’t be a freezer without the blue blocks, right. Then we had Liam and the freezer was still pretty empty, except for those few months when I attempted to freeze my breast milk in those fancy (and darn expensive) little Avent cups. I dedicated the whole top drawer to my precious breast milk and every time I opened that drawer it was as if a luminous light shone out at me, like when a kid opens a treasure chest in the movies, revealing the magic liquid that would nourish my child. Then I got over the whole breast is best mantra, and moved onto I’m-a-mother-of-two-and-I-do-what-is-easier-not-better. But this happened at about the same time that Liam started eating “real” food and Hannah started eating pureed food. So I needed more space for Hannah’s precious ice trays of specially pureed fresh fruit and vegetables, and for Liam’s chicken nuggets, smiley face frozen potatoes, fish fingers, frikadels (meat balls), and MORE frozen veggies. And it was around about this time that my whining for an additional freezer began. This was about a year ago.

 Besides the kids’ nutritional needs that urged me to get a freezer, I also started to become very thrifty after I witnessed firsthand, the cost of having a family. I realized the value in buying half a sheep, as compared to three or four lamb chops at a time. Buying in bulk is just generally cheaper. The other bane of my existence has got to be buying bread and milk every three seconds. It annoys me no end to have to stop at a garage on my way home from work almost every day, when all I want to do is get home as quickly as possible to remove my high heels that I squished my already bunion infested toes into, ten hours prior (traffic time included). And every second day, poor Zoleka has to send me an sms, like clockwork, to please get bread and milk on my way home. Now with my fantabulous freezer, I can buy and freeze bread and milk to my heart’s content, and I already have. But of course JUST because I have bread and milk on hand for months, the kids have taken to eating more fruit and drinking more water in this summer heat, than eating bread or drinking milk. Anyway, I used all these and many lamer excuses to convince the Hubby that I needed a freezer, I even said I’d take it as my Christmas present, that’s how much I wanted it. But I swear if I don’t have a present under that Christmas tree, I will put the TV remote in my freezer.

I was sad to let him stand in the garage all on his own, alongside power tools and other useless junk that we seem to collect, but we don’t have space for a fly in the house. Yesterday I went out to buy many things that can be frozen, just because I can! And also, I figure it’s better to fill him up now while I can afford to, so that there is stock on hand when Jeopardy-January comes around and we’re scrounging around until pay day. He is beautiful and shiny and cool! He will store all sorts of yummy things that we didn’t have space for before, like ice lollies and frozen grapes for the kids (have you tried that?) and delicious rump steaks and lamb shanks for Mommy and Daddy. He’ll save me time by storing convenience foods for quick suppers like readymade frozen chips and Mama’s Pies. He will be a hero to the household – a friend to melting jelly and a shelter to frozen peas. He shall be called Dexter the Deep Freezer.


2 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby”

  1. I am so with you on this one. I grew up in a house where my mother froze everything! Did you know that if you buy Ziploc or even normal plastic bags that you can freeze you flour and pasta, it does not go soggy (you have to put it in the bag and seal it) and you will not get those little bugs EVER. I do not have one at the moment, sad I know. But my mother has 2! So half my shit is in hers. I make big meals, like enough for my family for like 3 days, I dish out and freeze the rest in the correct amount that we need. LOVIT
    Also some other cool things you can do is make loads of ice to stock up.

    Enjoy Dexter, love him, fill him up. Also make sure that you have awesome insurance on him and his contents as my mothers once accidently got put off for a week and she lost everything! (insurenace replaced, no questions asked)

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