2012 so far…

So we’re on day nine of the new year and already things have gone awry.

First epic fail of the year: taking Liam back to school to find that school is still on holiday. The poor kid was so psyched up about going back to school, he kept repeating all the things he needed to tell his teacher, like how Daddy jammed his finger in the door, and how he had being swimming in the big ocean, and how much he had enjoyed playing with his cousins for “a lot of days” and how he had a new scooter and a red bike which Father Christmas had brought for Hannah, but which he had stolen for himself. You know, it was a long list, poor kid. Not to mention that we live a gazillion miles from Liam’s school, so the poor Hubby had to drive this little piggy all the way home, to Zoleka and Hannah. He is fine now. School reopens tomorrow. Sigh.

Hannah has become a cry baby of note. I’m not sure where this stems from because although Liam went through his crying-for-everything phase, it was when he was much older, whereas Hannah is bringing on the Diva from a rather young age. Also, I have come to realise that I have a problem with disciplining a little girl. My heart just breaks when I have to smack her little fingers, probably because she gets all theatrical on me – stares at me with big sad eyes as the tears start to pool, then she comes running to me and ducks her head in my chest, and I just feel so bad! I’m pretty good at shouting, but that doesn’t always have the same effect as a little smack across the hand. Anyway, I hope her constant crying and whining for absolutely nothing at all, does not set the tone for 2012, because on day nine I feel ready to send her to boot camp already. It upsets the whole household; the Hubby and I start arguing over who got her started this time, Liam gets annoyed because he can’t hear the TV over her whining, or he can’t concentrate on what he’s doing, and it really just turns everything sour. So either I have to up the disciplining anti, or we all have to get ear plugs.

So I have bangs, or cut this fringe, or whatever the right terminology is for creating a fluff of hair that covers your forehead. When I say cut, I mean my sister took a pair of scissors that you’d probably find in a Grade 2 classroom, you know the small cute pair for children who have just started to use real scissors? Yes, so my sister cut me some bangs and gave me an all round trim. I think it looks ok, let me state that she did a good job, before she hauls me over the coals for dissing her elementary hair styling techniques. But note to self and anyone else out there considering cutting a fringe, DO NOT cut a full fringe in the heat of Summer. It adds on about 4 degrees to your body heat, my forehead is most definitely going to break out in an acne attack from all the sweat, scratching and chaffing going on under this broom sweep. Not my smartest move for 2012.

Today was my first day back at work, so it was the first day this year that I had to don my “good” clothes. I was horrified mortified guttered sad to note that my black pants could barely slip up my thighs. I almost had to do the lie-down-and-suck-in-stomach-and-PULL manoeuvre. It’s only been 3 weeks since I last wore them, how can this be!!! But then I think back to the reckless eating… the double Christmas dinner with my inlaws and then my own family, the cakes and chocs and waffles and MEAT – so much meat! Perhaps if I had jogged a bit on the beach instead of laying idle trying to catch a tan, or played outside with the kids, instead of my sister and I playing Mario Brothers on Wii until the wee hours, I would have counteracted the calorie increase. But what kind of holiday would that have been? Anyway, I had to wear a long shirt to hide my bum hugging pants this morning. Tomorrow I’ll choose something that won’t upset me so early in the year… like a Kaftan.

So there goes the first nine days of 2012, the good news is that I still have 356 days to make 2012 count. Don’t worry about me, I’m just warming up, I’ll soon come into my own!


2 thoughts on “2012 so far…”

  1. Well, no need for me to call you for a catch up on how the holidays were, i got a very good low down here.. i enjoyed reading it..XXXX

  2. Hahahaha! I don’t now why you cut your hair!!! You are never happy afterwards!!!! As for the after-holiday thighs… i wish there was some contraption that magically cut off all the extras!!!! Looking forward to your 2012 blogs!! lots of love xxxx

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