Dettol SA to Donate R1 million to the Children’s Hospital Trust

Growing up, my mom used to use Dettol to disinfect our booboos before patching them up. I carried on this tradition, and this is how Dettol was first introduced to my household. Because I am a bit of a hygiene freak when it comes to my own babies, I have since extended my use of the brand – I love their soaps, a dash of the hygiene liquid in their bath water at night, the hand washes and cleaning detergents are awesome and smell so fresh and so clean! I love my kids to get dirty playing in the mud, splashing in water puddles,  and rolling around in the sand – I think this type of play is important and fun for little people. They are also at the age where they love to explore so I find them on their hands and knees in nooks and crannies that don’t always make the To-Clean list.  Using Dettol puts me somewhat at ease, because I know how easily germs and disease are spread and I think using a good hygiene product, coupled with good hygiene habits reduces the spread of germs in your home.

When I heard that Dettol SA was starting this great initiative described below, I was thrilled to help spread the word… see their advert in the side bar of my homepage? Won’t you click on it, and pop on over and like their Facebook page?

Dettol SA to Donate R1 million to the Children’s Hospital Trust

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital was built in 1956 and is the only stand alone, specialist children’s hospital dedicated entirely to children in southern Africa.

The Hospital is a public tertiary and secondary level hospital in Cape Town, and is dedicated to delivering word-class paediatric treatment, care, research and specialist training. As a referral Hospital patients include very sick children who need highly complex interventions to recover. 

With your help, Dettol will be donating R1 million to this great cause. Dettol is asking mothers to become heroes by liking the Dettol SA Facebook page and thus adding momentum to their donation. The Dettol SA Facebook page will also be sharing valuable tips and information with South African mothers pertaining to sustainable family health and hygiene. It has been found that many diseases affecting child mortality can be reduced by 75% by adopting good hygiene habits.  

The Facebook page will also have a Q and A section where mothers can ask parenting and family health questions. Mothers, along with Dettol, will also be given an opportunity to answer other mothers’ questions using the valuable knowledge they have gained from caring for their families.

Every mother wants to protect the health and wellbeing of their children. Get on board with this great initiative and improve the health of your family, as well as that of the sick children at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.


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