Weekend Round Up…

This weekend was pretty awesome in a way-too-busy-glad-its-over-but-boy-was-it-fun kinda way. Here’s what we got up to…

Friday night we got take aways from Tashas  for dinner, my throat was feeling rather scratchy so the husband kindly over dosed me on Corenza C, Grippon tablets and Med-Lemon, yes all of that for a scratchy throat. Although my throat was still sore the next day, I did have a bloody fantastic sleep that night, which leads me to believe that that concoction can be used as a mild sedative as well – good to know, don’t say I didn’t teach you something new today!


First stop: Serendipity…

On Saturday morning, we were off to Serendipity to meet the other mommy bloggers and their kidlets. It was great to put faces to names, and great to meet all the little people who make our lives so big! Hannah and Liam LOVED Serendipity, so we’ll definitely visit again.


Next stop: Noah’s birthday party…

Hannah was exhausted; she had missed her morning nap and by one ‘o clock, she was grizzly to say the least. En route to Noah’s party, she fell asleep and slept through the first half of the fabulous Barney themed party. Liam had himself a ball. There was a water slide, trampoline, kiddie rides and delicious party treats. The kids were in kiddie heaven.

Slip and Slide!


Third stop: Eli and Noah’s party…

Our third and final stop for the day was at Eli and Noah’s (another Noah) birthday braai. It was lovely to spend time around the pool and my babies enjoyed being with their cousins. Besides Hannah mistakenly identifying a much younger man with grey hair as her Grandpa, and Liam repeatedly asking one of the party guests when he was going home because he wanted his cousin Noah all to himself, instead of sharing him with the other kids, I think they behaved pretty well, considering we had been on the move all day.

Nom-nom at the party table.

Sunday was spent at home with a good friend visiting for lunch.


Lessons learned this weekend:


  1. Your kids can have a busier social life than you can.
  2. Sugar does give them “go”.
  3. There’s always a more badly behaved kid than yours. Score.
  4. There’s always at least five other kids who have better manners than your kid does. Minus one point.
  5. Naps are important for little people. Avoid missing one at all costs.
  6. There’s no place like home after a long day of party hopping.
  7. There’s nothing that a long bath and a warm drink won’t fix – for babies and adults.
  8. Birthdays must be celebrated and candles must be blown out, no matter how old you are, simply because you cannot help but laugh and giggle and have fun around a birthday cake.
  9. I need a GPS (thanks to Corinne for leading the blind on Saturday).
  10. Husbands have an automatic hall pass which prohibits them from attending kiddies parties, why is this?


My Beauties

2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up…”

  1. Wow! What a social life those two young things have!!! The kids at school have been singing Shoobydoo, doo, doo, doo, sugar gives us energy!! Remember that advert? Your kids definitely overdosed this weekend!! And thanks for the remedy for insomnia!!! Hope i never have to try it!!! Lol !! Lots of love and God blessxxxxx

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