Just One of Those Day(s)

You know when you have one of those weeks that just suck.

When you are so busy at work, that you don’t even have time to eat your leftovers that you selfishly took with you to work, even though your daughter could have eaten it for lunch – and then you didn’t have time to eat it anyway. Or when your husband is sick and doesn’t go to work, but by midday he sounds just fine to you, yet you come home and he is laying on the couch and the stove is stone cold because he hasn’t bothered to help by even chopping an onion for dinner. Or when your two year old is just having a whiner of a week – crying for every little thing, down to what colour underpants you choose for him to wear. And when your one year old wants to be carried all.the.time, and you only have two hands which you need to use for cooking, wiping Liam’s bum, helping with homework, feeding your kids, etc – and she STILL needs to be carried. Or when work is just so hectic and everything just happens to be your fault, even though the problem is taking place on an entirely different continent – but it’s your fault of course. And when you are waiting very very very anxiously for a call, that is just not coming. OH and most importantly, with all this going on, your son is turning three in two days time, and you’ve done nothing, except order the party packs.

Yes, this is the kind of week I am having. And it’s only Tuesday. So if I am quiet on the blogging front, you know why.


Good bye.


2 thoughts on “Just One of Those Day(s)”

  1. Wow! You summed up the definition of life beautifully!!! Hang in there girl! You can do it!!! LOL! Lots of love xxxx

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