Nappy Wars

I have blogged waxed lyrical about diapers on my blog. Most of those posts have been negative. Perhaps because Liam used to have a leaky bum and no matter what diaper I used, he would leak. From the most expensive to the cheapest, he would always leak and it used to drive me insane. He would wake up drenched in the middle of the night, or during the day I’d have to change him really often in order to make sure he didn’t leak. Anyway, thank God Liam is now potty trained, save for a night diaper, and my woes have eased. But not ceased. Hannah has also had diaper complications; she is very susceptible to rashes (is this a girl thing?), I still have no idea if this is related to the diaper she is using or how often she gets changed or what –as I have tried various things to try and solve this problem with little success, and she also tends to leak although not on the same level that Liam did. That said, I think you could call me a diaper professional – I’ve tried them all, and only NOW.. three years later… do I have some positive feedback to share on the Nappy Wars.

This is based on my own experience and the “dissing” of certain brands is in no way intended to offend, it is merely an observation and I’ll try to keep my criticism as constructive as possible.

This month I tried two different nappies from two completely different ends of the spectrum and have been so very happy with them both, that I think we have clear winners and I will most likely stick with these two until our diaper days are over.

But first some history… I started both my babies on Pampers Active, although the fit is great and the nappy is so thin that you barely feel it there, these nappies most certainly do not last the 12 hours they promise to. Here’s the thing with Pampers Active: the wee turns into gel, although this gel collects all the wee which is great, it becomes very heavy and eventually splits and there is NOTHING more pain staking than cleaning up golden gel balls. So change your kid sooner, you may say. This would happen as little as two hours after putting the diaper on, I know many, many moms who swear by Pampers Active, so I’ll put this down to the fact that my kids must pee like race horses (insert BBM sarcastic face here).

I then tried Huggies Gold, which I really liked because it had none of that gel-ball-thing and Hannah especially loved the Pooh Bear design. The problem with Huggies Gold (which I see they are working on) is that it is still a bulkier diaper than Pampers. The extra padding does come in handy for when baby takes a tumble though! Sadly, Hannah recently started leaking with Huggies Gold, she would literally spread her legs and the wee would trickle down the inside of her leg. Perhaps I just had a defective batch, but again, cleaning up wee five times a day, is enough to turn any mother off.

So this brings me to last week…

When Liam went off day time diapers, I decided that a cheaper diaper would work just as well at night. I’ve tried every economical brand:

  • Cuddlers: leakage at the top band, so Liam wakes up with a wet belly and wet PJ’s.
  • Huggies Dry Comfort: works well, but still more expensive than a lot of other brands’ economical version of the diaper.  
  • Pampers Sleep and Play: useless, would not even recommend for a night time diaper for a child who is potty trained.
  • Panda: thumbs down – big, bulky and not very absorbent.
  • Pick n Pay No Name Brand: hideous!! The tabs don’t even stick. Horrible. Horrible. I would rather use towelling nappies than this brand.
  • Clicks and Pick n Pay private label: not bad for short term diaper use i.e. two hours maximum.

THEN, this week I was in Ackerman’s, doing a bit of shopping for the kids and I remembered that Liam was all out of diapers. I hesitantly picked up a pack of their diapers – being the embittered, jaded, disillusioned diaper shopper that I am, I was not up to trying yet ANOTHER diaper. Long story short, these are awesome and at 40 bucks a pop, they are perfect for the child who just needs a night diaper. Soft, absorbent, sweet design and CHEAP. CHEAP!

Because Hannah had another bad rash, and we had that bad pack of Huggies Gold, I decided to try something new with her as well. Pampers Premium. Now I had tried this before, and for the premium price, I wasn’t really blown away by it. But on this occasion, I have been well and truly impressed with this diaper. In keeping with the Pampers we know and love, they are so thin, your baby may as well be naked. I don’t think the design is anything to rave about, I still prefer Huggies Gold in the design department, but this ultra thin diaper is so bloody absorbent WITHOUT those horrible gel balls – its actually amazing. On Saturday afternoon, after Hannah had had two naps, drank copious amounts of liquid, ran around as toddlers do, I realised that I hadn’t changed her bum since the morning. No leakage, no bulky bottom, no gel spillage. It was soaked and heavy after being assaulted by Hannah and her bodily fluids but still it was intact. Also, it’s only been a few days but no sign of a rash – this could mean nothing, but I’m just putting it out there. She wakes up dry too. For this, I am willing to pay premium price (also the fact that Liam is using ultra cheap diapers means I can actually afford to spend a little more on Hannah’s). The ONLY downside to Pampers Premium is that they don’t seem to make size 4+? Why?

So there you have it, I have finally, after three years, solved the diaper mysteries and I may just have won the Nappy Wars. Lord knows I can’t wait for this phase to be over… my only motivation is that one day these kidlets of mine may have to change my old wrinkly bum, and I can only hope that they spend as much time finding the perfect adult nappy, as I have finding the perfect baby one 🙂

Bye Bye Bottle

Hannah will be two next month, and I know it isn’t fair or right to compare your children to each other but … when Liam was this age, he was off the bottle and in the process of being potty trained. This has nothing to do with Hannah’s abilities but everything to do with my tardiness. I have been so lax with getting Hannah to do big-girl-things because this time around, there’s no rush. With Liam I refused to have two babies on the bottle, two babies in nappies – two BABIES full stop, I needed Liam to grow up a bit. So I pushed him hard to be a “big boy.” I still have issues of guilt around this subject, issues I will save for a special blog post, but in hindsight I see that Liam didn’t suffer at the hands of his OCD mother who needed him to be a little more independent; in fact I think he flourished and has turned out to be a reasonably stable little boy who enjoys his independence. Fast forward to Hannah.. she is our baby, and still very much a baby-baby! We love to baby her! Not in a spoilt sort of way, but in an adoring way; she just has this thing about her that melts hearts, this thing that makes it very difficult not to be wrapped around her little finger. Her Dad will openly admit that he has fallen so deep under her spell, that there’s no going back. Liam and I, although we like to act macho and as if we are still in charge, also recognise that she turns our hearts to mush and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for her.

That said, last month I decided that we HAD to start weaning Hannah off her botty. I don’t think there’s a prescribed age for weaning your child off the bottle, but I had always said that my children would be off the bottle by age two. This was  easy with Liam – at 15 months I took him off a day bottle because he had started school, and  he would only have a night bottle and at 18 months I said to him that the botties must go in the bin, he agreed and that was that. No questions asked, no complaints – he just accepted it. I remember that first night, he was rather sad because he missed the comfort of his botty, but he was ok. He didn’t need a “replacement” cup, he just stopped.  I assumed that it would be as easy with Hannah. Not. Firstly, Hannah drinks at least three milk bottles a day. She is happy to drink water or juice from a sippy cup, but she will only drink milk from her bottle. I started by telling Zoleka that she was to replace the day time bottles with cups of milk, but Hannah refused to drink milk out of anything else. She kicked up a huge fuss over not being able to get a bottle and basically went on a milk strike. At night she cried so bitterly for her botty that I just didn’t have the heart to go through with it and caved in. The thing is, Hannah’s bottle is like her security item. Sometimes she doesn’t even drink it, but she plays with the teat and falls asleep by rubbing it between her fingers, or covering it with her pyjama top – I think she is just tactile like that! I’ve tried to give her another item to attach herself to, like a taglet, but she didn’t take to it. Anyway, that was last month and our failed attempt saw Hannah winning and getting her botty back.

This weekend she bit through the last of her Avent teats, and that was it. I simply refuse to buy anymore. Unlike Liam, I

All Hail the Sippy Cup.

realise that she needs a transitional item, so I went to Baby City yesterday and scoured the shelves for something that was like a botty, but not a botty.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking… why don’t we just go cold turkey. But I am just not ready for the trauma that comes with cold turkey… ask a smoker how difficult it is! I eventually found a Winnie the Pooh sippy cup from NUK, which still has the soft spout, still shaped like a bottle but it’s more like a cup, than a bottle. I bought ONE. Which I plan to use ONLY at night and when she needs to nap in the day. She was very excited with her Pooh cup (we going through a serious Winnie the Pooh and Friends stage in our house) and we made a huge affair of saying good bye to her bottles – a whole shopping bag full – and let her throw them in the bin herself. Last night, she refused to drink from Winnie the Pooh and cried a few sorrowful tears, but she was eventually happy to hold it and play with the teat as she fell asleep. At some point during the night, she and Winnie the Pooh (still full of milk) crept into bed with us and I heard her finally start to drink in the early hours of the morning. Again this morning, we made a fanfare about the bottles that were, and about the new fabulous Winnie the Pooh cup. I think she’s getting the drift. My plan is to eliminate Winnie from the day and bring him out just at night.. and by her birthday at the end of next month, I want her to be off a soft teat altogether. I want her to understand that last round is at 6h30pm and that’s it for the night baby! I can’t say that her one night bottle affects her sleep, because Hannah sleeps really well and even if she does get up for that bottle, it’s right next to her and she helps herself without disturbing the rest of us. BUT I do believe that taking the bottle away is a natural progression and she is ripe and ready for it now.

She still has her beloved dummies which I will not even attempt to take away from her; I know that battle will be a long and arduous one, but this particular bottle battle will be won… by me. Because I am the boss, and I say so (and also because I cannot bear to wash another bottle, and I need the space that the big bloody steriliser takes up on my kitchen counter).

So bye bye bottle it is!

Weekend Highlights


Where to start… well in the words of Maria in the Sound of Music..

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start..

My hair is orange. Literally. I had my hair dyed on Friday afternoon, and although I did say I wanted a noticeable change and I maaaaay have mentioned orangey-reddy, I most certainly did not mean I wanted to look like a pumpkin head. It’s been a few days now, so I think it’s growing on me, but I still get a small fright every time I pass a mirror. My eye brows look out of place on my face and I feel the constant need to match my clothes to my hair. And let me tell you, not much goes with orange. My friends, who can be brutally and horribly honest, have told me that it looks ok and that I don’t need to cover it up, so I am going with that. My husband, only now, after four or so days, has told me that it looks “nice.” Initially, all he could say is that it looked…well… orange. I know he isn’t over the moon about it, after all, we all know what “nice” means. Nice is a word used to show ambivalence – neither here, nor there; luke warm. It doesn’t exactly scream “yes baby, you look so hot with orange hair and I can’t wait to get you alone tonight.” Ya know what I mean??

The highlight of my weekend was attending one of my best buddy’s 30th birthday party on Saturday night. It was one of the bestest parties I have attended this side of 2012. We all looked ravishing…especially the birthday girl, and yes even me with my orange hair. Kim did my make up, and she is just so good at it. I looked like a million bucks, not a wrinkle, or laugh line in sight. She works wonders with a makeup brush. Also, she is doing this make up course that requires her to do so-many faces in a year, so she is doing it for free, gratis, mahala. There’s just something about getting dolled up, isn’t there? This build up to the event, is as important as the event itself! Although I am not a girly girl, I do enjoy the occasional glam-up, and Liam and Hannah just love it when I sprawl all my jewellery and lip gloss and hair rollers all over the bed. The party was amazing – the food was good, the music was good and the company was perfect. Wait for it… we got home at 3am!!! We haven’t done that since before the kids were born! It was fantastic!!

But of course, we are not as young and free as we used to be. I felt Hannah breathing down my neck at 7am – they do the cutest thing… they won’t wake us, or make a noise, but they stand up, close and personal and breathe really hard onto my cheek so that I am forced to wake up. The hubby kindly let me sleep in while he saw to the kids and got them ready for church. After church, I spent some time in the kitchen preparing lunch and dinner for the next day and then I crashed and burned. Didn’t even see the 8pm movie. It’s Tuesday and I still feel like I haven’t recovered from my late night. Not to mention that we have just concluded quite a big project at work, and I needed to be here at 6am yesterday morning, so when I say I need it to be Thursday afternoon so that the long weekend can begin – I am not joking.

And about the long weekend… we are off to Durban, my hometown! CAN.NOT.WAIT. Liam’s countdown started on Sunday, so everything revolves around Durban at the moment.. how many more sleeps mommy, how many more bath times, how many more days at school, when are we going to pack my bag, can we take my bike and Barney and all my books. Oh my hat.

Hoping that this week flies by and that Thursday comes already! Hope you lovelies have a good short week too. xxx



This important business about teaching your children about their bodies and about molestation or inappropriate touching or rape or a person trying to hurt them, is HARD. After reading this post on Celeste’s blog, and this horrible rape video that has been doing the rounds, I have been giving this terrible topic more thought.

From the time I thought Liam could understand, I have been brainwashing training him about his body, and how certain areas are private and that no one should ever, ever touch him there. I try and explain in simple terms that although mommy and daddy have to touch him there in order to bath and change his night diaper, even mommies and daddies have no business touching him in his private places. I know he gets it, because he asks lots of questions and we do role play … NO… not like that… but I’ll say “if someone touches you there, what do you do?” and he’ll say “I scream NO, and run away.” Or I’ll tell him that secrets are bad and if a person tells you that it’s a secret what do you do? And he’ll say “tell mommy.” I can only pray that he really is cognisant and that our talks are hitting home. Not in a deep and meaningful way at this stage, but at least he gets it, in it’s simplest form.

My sister is a school teacher, and over the Easter break, she too was giving Liam a talk about this topic. School teachers obviously have a knack with these sorts of things, because ever since, Liam won’t even let Hannah near him – Hannah who at the moment, is freakishly taken up with Liam’s dan.gly bits. I don’t know if Hannah’s at the right age to “get it” yet – even in simple terms. I haven’t started coaching her, and I fear the day that I have to. I guess it’s because she is a girl, I guess it’s because I’m more afraid of something happening to Hannah, because the odds are stacked higher against her as a girl, than they are against Liam. I am not naïve enough to believe that things like this don’t happen to boys, of course they do – all the time, but we all know the statistics – our girls are substantially more at risk.

I can’t believe that I need to be having these conversations with my children. I can’t believe how sick society has become, that I need to potentially be having se .x education talks with my small children. How heart-rending is it that children with phones have access to a video of a poor girl been gang raped? How horrible for that girl? How horrible for those sick boys (because they were just but boys) who committed this heinous crime and thought it normal to record it? Where have they come from? What goes on in their heads, in their lives, that they think this is ok?

I want Liam and Hannah to be aware, I want them to understand that there are sick people out there who could possibly want to hurt them, I don’t want them to be under-educated in any way about the dangers lurking out there. But there’s this beautiful and wonderful thing called childlike innocence and I don’t want to take that away from them either! I don’t want them to have to second guess every move they make, every adult they come into contact with, every well meaning hug from a friend. It’s such a fine line, and one that needs to be tread on so delicately. But there is no doubt, that we have to deal with it, we have to edify our children, God forbid they are ever in this situation.

I liked the concept I picked up from one of the comments on Reluctant Mom’s blog. It basically explains it as your body being like a traffic light. Green is your head, and it’s ok to be touched here. From your neck to your belly is orange, and you may or may not be ok with being touched here and may want to mention it to an adult you trust. Red is from the belly down and it is most definitely not ok to be touched here. Quite a simple and easy to understand tool for little kids, don’t you think?

Educate your kids today, do it when you get home tonight. Google age appropriate ways to do it, if you are concerned about how to tackle the topic. Be aware of what’s going on in your child’s life, be on the lookout for signs.. talk talk talk.. I have learned that talking about things and asking questions and letting your kids ask you questions.. about EVERYTHING, not only this topic… is a way to encourage them to come to you when something goes wrong because that line of communication has always existed, and you have always been opened to discussing all sorts of things, even scary stuff like this.

10 Years ago, a person reading this post would have been embarrassed about reading such a thing on a public forum. 20 Years ago a person would have been shocked and horrified and reported me to the police or had my blog banned. But today, none of it is shocking, when you look at the news headlines or you actually know a victim personally, or know someone who knows a victim; you realise just how close to home this has come. We have to fight back.

Talk to your kids today.

Baby Monkey’s Birthday …


It’s about that time to start planning another birthday party, as Hannah will turn two in about 44 days time.

Yes, I am the same person who said I’d never do this again after Liam’s 2nd birthday party. I decided then and there that the next party in our house, would be in the year they turn five years old. Not because I am a party pooper, but rather because parties are just so expensive and I think when they are this small, they’d enjoy a birthday cake with a jumping castle in the back yard, just the same as they would a 5 star bash at a fancy kiddies party venue. I love birthdays, I love celebrating that person’s life on their birthday, I place great value in making a woohaa about the person who’s having a birthday – more so when it’s my own kids. But I find that kiddies parties often become more about the adults, than about the kids. And to this end, I decided that I’d do something small at home, with just their cousins and close friends until they got to an age when they could have a say about the type of celebration they wanted.


The truth is, it’s just so much simpler to go to a venue, isn’t it? I did the house party thing for both Liam and Hannah’s first birthdays and yes it was fun and everyone had a good time, but it means someone (read: me) has to prepare and make everything look pretty and make sure the house is clean and that the guest bathroom hasn’t been Liamanised (boy, my son can make a clean bathroom dirty in under 5 seconds). It means someone (read: me) must be in hostess mode all afternoon, which means that I don’t ever really unwind and enjoy myself because I’m too busy trying to make sure everyone else is having a good time. It means that someone (read: me) must clean up afterwards, and who really wants to clean up after a party, with two kids who are crashing from their sugar high and are miserable because they’ve missed their afternoon nap? Even in terms of cost, you think you are saving money by having your party at home, but you aren’t really.. perhaps you’re saving a bit on venue hire, but is the little bit you’re saving, really worth the added stress that a house party brings with it? It’s like cutting your nose to spite your face, isn’t it?

So we have decided to have a little party away from home. A party where we just pitch up half an hour before the start time, the adults relax while the kids play, we sing happy birthday and take some photos, I give them my credit card, and then we get into our cars and drive off to our clean homes.

Our local Spur has just revamped their outdoor kiddies area – specifically the toddler area, and they have a lovely new Astroturf area with little play houses, small swings and slides, those bouncy, springy wooden horseys and zebras and then of course the bigger play area for the older kids with jumping castles, climbing frames, and a basketball hoop. Sound like Papachino’s much? Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m not going with Papachino’s, it’s because they only take parties of 15! Anyway, Spur comes in the cheapest and a little party pack is included. And I think this is just A-OK for a two year old party. There’s no theme, there’s no colour scheme, there’ll be no homemade party favours – it’s just a come-as-you-are get together to wish one special little monkey-girl a very happy birthday.

All we have to do is pitch up. Oh! And order the cake! Done!

Ode to the Easter Hat

So after dropping the ball yesterday, I had to pull out some of the stops.. not all.. because I am not artsy/crafty like that.

Here’s the Easter Hat.. in all it’s homemade glory…

Liam coloured the little pictures himself.
Another angle of my masterpiece!
The Mad Hatter

The Guilt Barometer

As if motherhood doesn’t come with enough self inflicted guilt..

Level one on the Guilt Barometer

This morning we were in the car on our way to work and school. Everyone was quiet, lost in their own thoughts about the upcoming day, when Liam piped up “where’s my school bag?” I looked at the husband, he looked at me and I got that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach – neither of us had packed it in. I blamed Liam, telling him he is old enough to remember to pack his own bag in and Mommy has a lot of other things to remember in the morning, and why can’t he remember just one simple thing like his bag. Of course, it’s not Liam’s fault, it’s my fault. I always pack the bag because I’m the one who likes to check it every morning; make sure his extra set of clothes, his tissues and any homework or signed forms are packed in. I don’t even like the husband to do this because I’m a crazy control freak and I like to make sure that his bag is all good. Hence, I made the bag my responsibility, hence this is my fault. And although it shouldn’t be too big a deal because the odds of him actually needing a change of clothes or some tissues are slim, he still doesn’t have a school bag today. Which kid goes to school without their bag! The kid with the loser Mom. I felt bad, really bad. FAIL.

Level two on the Guilt Barometer

As we pulled into the school yard, and my eyes caught sight of the notice board, that sinking icky feeling came over me again. I know exactly what that notice board says because I read it yesterday, I made a mental note when I read it yesterday. But apparently my mental notes are not worth the mentality they are remembered in. The notice board  clearly states: DON’T FORGET SCHOOL PHOTOS ON THURSDAY 12 APRIL. Then it says something cute about brushing your teeth and hair and looking smart… blah blah. I FORGOT. Today Liam is wearing a stained red track pants, he is wearing is worn sneakers and an orange long sleeved t-shirt which is stretched at the neck and which has some corny saying along the lines of “I make mess best” or something like that. His hair is long and unruly because he is in desperate need of a haircut and there may or may not be leftover sleep gunk still in his eyes and dry patches on his face because I couldn’t find the lotion after I washed his face this morning. Sigh… For those of you who have been reading for a while, you will remember this post, where I went on and on about school photos and how important they are to me. I am so upset and feel so guilty for ruining my kid’s school photo. FAIL.

Level three on the Guilt Barometer

We rush in and I hurriedly explain to Teacher what a bad mother I am. Teacher is done up with makeup and her good clothes, the few kids who are there already are glowing in their Sunday best. Teacher tries to make me feel better but I can see the disapproval in her made up eyes. She pulls me aside and quietly reminds me that tomorrow is the Easter Parade and do I remember that I have to make an Easter hat for Liam and if I don’t, it will be such a shame and Liam will be so heartbroken and I will be such a bad mother. Ok, she didn’t say that, but that’s what I heard. Although I am still able to redeem myself here, as I have time to make an Easter hat, the guilt I feel at having forgotten about it, is thick and heavy. I say a silent pray for good teachers, for time, for Liam who will happily wear his hat with pride tomorrow and I dash off sheepishly to go and have a little cry in the car. FAIL.

I am highly annoyed at myself. Firstly because of my forgetfulness. But more importantly because of this guilt I feel. I am a rational person, I know people make mistakes, I don’t intentionally want to beat myself up about things as simple as a forgotten school bag, but I can’t help it and I hate that I have no control over this guilt that I feel the minute I slip up as a mother! Never mind the day to day things like lashing out at a crabby baby, serving two minute noodles for the third time in a week, or taking my frustrations out on the kids – is it possible to get an aneurism from guilt? Because I think I’m almost there. Babies should come with a warning attached to that little ID bracelet they put on after birth:


All good things come to an end…


Well after a wonderful week of holidaying with my family, I am back at my desk. While our time together was marvellous, it’s good to be back at the writing block. Here’s a little look into what we got up to this week…

My sister and her family made the trek from their home in Harding, a small sleepy town, inland from Port Shepstone, to spend the week with us. That means that my small 3 bedroom house was filled to capacity with 4 adults and 4 children. My husband moseyed over to Cape Town for the weekend so that left the 3 adults with 4 children – we were outnumbered in many regards: noise, chocolate eating ability, noise, energy, noise, who controlled the TV remote and did I mention noise? Although I could have possibly won in the noise department with all the shouting I was doing – amazing how one’s children morph into different (for want of a better word) people when there’s company around… or is that just my kids? At times, there were 3 more children added to the mix, because my brother’s kids spent some time with us, before they headed down to the coast for the Easter weekend. It was crazy! But a good kinda crazy!

I had planned the week down to a T; my calendar had an activity for everyday. As much as I like to go with the flow, it’s always a good idea to have some semblance of an agenda because it’s so easy to stay in your PJ’s until lunch time when you’re on holiday and before you know it, your holiday is over and all you’ve done is sat in the house eating chocolate with teeth and hair unbrushed (and I’m not only referring to the children here).

Some highlights included a day at Gold Reef City… note to self, this is not a place for children under 5 years old. Liam and Hannah don’t enjoy rides… let me rephrase that… Liam and Hannah are TERRIFIED of anything that moves. We eventually got them onto the Ferris Wheel and that was about it. We had to take turns babysitting them, so all in all I managed to get onto 4 rides. Was it fun? Yes! Was it worth the R360 I paid for myself and the kids? Not really. But the older kids had a ball, definitely a must for families with older kids; for families with younger kids, I’d give it a miss.

Another highlight was Liam’s first time at the movies! While I was disappointed that it wasn’t with me, he was more than happy to go off into a dark loud room with his 3D glasses, with his cousins and uncle. He apparently enjoyed the movie, and fell asleep towards the end.. The Lorax obviously didn’t grip him enough. I was just relieved that we experienced no tears and fears – what with his reaction to the rides at Gold Reef City.

We enjoyed lots of other things, like picnics at Zoo Lake and Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and the local park. We had an adults dinner at the Meat Company and left ALL and SUNDRY with poor, poor Zoleka. Of course we went to Papachino’s and Milky Lane – the sort of places that adults love to hate because although it’s not exactly an adult outing, the kids always enjoy themselves at these joints – and let’s not kid each other, the waffles are awesome. Our church services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday were awesome as we remembered the greatest sacrifice ever made. We come from a long line of Pickled Fish and Hot Cross Buns and Easter Egg hunts – all of which we thoroughly indulged ourselves in.

I love having my family around. I love a noisy house with over flowing washing baskets, floor beds, TVs blaring and people yelling at each other over all the noise. More importantly, I love that our children get to spend time together with their cousins and aunts and uncles, and in this way the legacy continues. And just as our parents and grandparents ensured that holidays were family times, we continue to do the same, because when all is said and done, what really is more important than family?

I hope you enjoyed a happy Easter with your loved ones too. xxx