All good things come to an end…


Well after a wonderful week of holidaying with my family, I am back at my desk. While our time together was marvellous, it’s good to be back at the writing block. Here’s a little look into what we got up to this week…

My sister and her family made the trek from their home in Harding, a small sleepy town, inland from Port Shepstone, to spend the week with us. That means that my small 3 bedroom house was filled to capacity with 4 adults and 4 children. My husband moseyed over to Cape Town for the weekend so that left the 3 adults with 4 children – we were outnumbered in many regards: noise, chocolate eating ability, noise, energy, noise, who controlled the TV remote and did I mention noise? Although I could have possibly won in the noise department with all the shouting I was doing – amazing how one’s children morph into different (for want of a better word) people when there’s company around… or is that just my kids? At times, there were 3 more children added to the mix, because my brother’s kids spent some time with us, before they headed down to the coast for the Easter weekend. It was crazy! But a good kinda crazy!

I had planned the week down to a T; my calendar had an activity for everyday. As much as I like to go with the flow, it’s always a good idea to have some semblance of an agenda because it’s so easy to stay in your PJ’s until lunch time when you’re on holiday and before you know it, your holiday is over and all you’ve done is sat in the house eating chocolate with teeth and hair unbrushed (and I’m not only referring to the children here).

Some highlights included a day at Gold Reef City… note to self, this is not a place for children under 5 years old. Liam and Hannah don’t enjoy rides… let me rephrase that… Liam and Hannah are TERRIFIED of anything that moves. We eventually got them onto the Ferris Wheel and that was about it. We had to take turns babysitting them, so all in all I managed to get onto 4 rides. Was it fun? Yes! Was it worth the R360 I paid for myself and the kids? Not really. But the older kids had a ball, definitely a must for families with older kids; for families with younger kids, I’d give it a miss.

Another highlight was Liam’s first time at the movies! While I was disappointed that it wasn’t with me, he was more than happy to go off into a dark loud room with his 3D glasses, with his cousins and uncle. He apparently enjoyed the movie, and fell asleep towards the end.. The Lorax obviously didn’t grip him enough. I was just relieved that we experienced no tears and fears – what with his reaction to the rides at Gold Reef City.

We enjoyed lots of other things, like picnics at Zoo Lake and Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and the local park. We had an adults dinner at the Meat Company and left ALL and SUNDRY with poor, poor Zoleka. Of course we went to Papachino’s and Milky Lane – the sort of places that adults love to hate because although it’s not exactly an adult outing, the kids always enjoy themselves at these joints – and let’s not kid each other, the waffles are awesome. Our church services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday were awesome as we remembered the greatest sacrifice ever made. We come from a long line of Pickled Fish and Hot Cross Buns and Easter Egg hunts – all of which we thoroughly indulged ourselves in.

I love having my family around. I love a noisy house with over flowing washing baskets, floor beds, TVs blaring and people yelling at each other over all the noise. More importantly, I love that our children get to spend time together with their cousins and aunts and uncles, and in this way the legacy continues. And just as our parents and grandparents ensured that holidays were family times, we continue to do the same, because when all is said and done, what really is more important than family?

I hope you enjoyed a happy Easter with your loved ones too. xxx


3 thoughts on “All good things come to an end…”

  1. We had a wonderful time… The last thing my kids said before drifting off to sleep… “I miss my cousins!” Thanks Jozi for the awesome holiday! Xxx

  2. Tx to both Aunties and Uncle, and Granny and Pa (why no mention of them) for a entertaining my lot. Holidays flew by way too fast

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