Weekend Highlights


Where to start… well in the words of Maria in the Sound of Music..

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start..

My hair is orange. Literally. I had my hair dyed on Friday afternoon, and although I did say I wanted a noticeable change and I maaaaay have mentioned orangey-reddy, I most certainly did not mean I wanted to look like a pumpkin head. It’s been a few days now, so I think it’s growing on me, but I still get a small fright every time I pass a mirror. My eye brows look out of place on my face and I feel the constant need to match my clothes to my hair. And let me tell you, not much goes with orange. My friends, who can be brutally and horribly honest, have told me that it looks ok and that I don’t need to cover it up, so I am going with that. My husband, only now, after four or so days, has told me that it looks “nice.” Initially, all he could say is that it looked…well… orange. I know he isn’t over the moon about it, after all, we all know what “nice” means. Nice is a word used to show ambivalence – neither here, nor there; luke warm. It doesn’t exactly scream “yes baby, you look so hot with orange hair and I can’t wait to get you alone tonight.” Ya know what I mean??

The highlight of my weekend was attending one of my best buddy’s 30th birthday party on Saturday night. It was one of the bestest parties I have attended this side of 2012. We all looked ravishing…especially the birthday girl, and yes even me with my orange hair. Kim did my make up, and she is just so good at it. I looked like a million bucks, not a wrinkle, or laugh line in sight. She works wonders with a makeup brush. Also, she is doing this make up course that requires her to do so-many faces in a year, so she is doing it for free, gratis, mahala. There’s just something about getting dolled up, isn’t there? This build up to the event, is as important as the event itself! Although I am not a girly girl, I do enjoy the occasional glam-up, and Liam and Hannah just love it when I sprawl all my jewellery and lip gloss and hair rollers all over the bed. The party was amazing – the food was good, the music was good and the company was perfect. Wait for it… we got home at 3am!!! We haven’t done that since before the kids were born! It was fantastic!!

But of course, we are not as young and free as we used to be. I felt Hannah breathing down my neck at 7am – they do the cutest thing… they won’t wake us, or make a noise, but they stand up, close and personal and breathe really hard onto my cheek so that I am forced to wake up. The hubby kindly let me sleep in while he saw to the kids and got them ready for church. After church, I spent some time in the kitchen preparing lunch and dinner for the next day and then I crashed and burned. Didn’t even see the 8pm movie. It’s Tuesday and I still feel like I haven’t recovered from my late night. Not to mention that we have just concluded quite a big project at work, and I needed to be here at 6am yesterday morning, so when I say I need it to be Thursday afternoon so that the long weekend can begin – I am not joking.

And about the long weekend… we are off to Durban, my hometown! CAN.NOT.WAIT. Liam’s countdown started on Sunday, so everything revolves around Durban at the moment.. how many more sleeps mommy, how many more bath times, how many more days at school, when are we going to pack my bag, can we take my bike and Barney and all my books. Oh my hat.

Hoping that this week flies by and that Thursday comes already! Hope you lovelies have a good short week too. xxx


2 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights”

  1. I don’t think I’m biased when I say this… You’re naturally beautiful!! So I don’t think that your hair colour in any way detracts from your good looks! I think you over-react!! Having said that, I WILL give you a TRUE opinion when I see you in our HOME TOWN on the fabulously long long week-end! Tell Liam to pack his bags!! Its already Tuesday!! Yeah!!! Xxxx

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