Nappy Wars

I have blogged waxed lyrical about diapers on my blog. Most of those posts have been negative. Perhaps because Liam used to have a leaky bum and no matter what diaper I used, he would leak. From the most expensive to the cheapest, he would always leak and it used to drive me insane. He would wake up drenched in the middle of the night, or during the day I’d have to change him really often in order to make sure he didn’t leak. Anyway, thank God Liam is now potty trained, save for a night diaper, and my woes have eased. But not ceased. Hannah has also had diaper complications; she is very susceptible to rashes (is this a girl thing?), I still have no idea if this is related to the diaper she is using or how often she gets changed or what –as I have tried various things to try and solve this problem with little success, and she also tends to leak although not on the same level that Liam did. That said, I think you could call me a diaper professional – I’ve tried them all, and only NOW.. three years later… do I have some positive feedback to share on the Nappy Wars.

This is based on my own experience and the “dissing” of certain brands is in no way intended to offend, it is merely an observation and I’ll try to keep my criticism as constructive as possible.

This month I tried two different nappies from two completely different ends of the spectrum and have been so very happy with them both, that I think we have clear winners and I will most likely stick with these two until our diaper days are over.

But first some history… I started both my babies on Pampers Active, although the fit is great and the nappy is so thin that you barely feel it there, these nappies most certainly do not last the 12 hours they promise to. Here’s the thing with Pampers Active: the wee turns into gel, although this gel collects all the wee which is great, it becomes very heavy and eventually splits and there is NOTHING more pain staking than cleaning up golden gel balls. So change your kid sooner, you may say. This would happen as little as two hours after putting the diaper on, I know many, many moms who swear by Pampers Active, so I’ll put this down to the fact that my kids must pee like race horses (insert BBM sarcastic face here).

I then tried Huggies Gold, which I really liked because it had none of that gel-ball-thing and Hannah especially loved the Pooh Bear design. The problem with Huggies Gold (which I see they are working on) is that it is still a bulkier diaper than Pampers. The extra padding does come in handy for when baby takes a tumble though! Sadly, Hannah recently started leaking with Huggies Gold, she would literally spread her legs and the wee would trickle down the inside of her leg. Perhaps I just had a defective batch, but again, cleaning up wee five times a day, is enough to turn any mother off.

So this brings me to last week…

When Liam went off day time diapers, I decided that a cheaper diaper would work just as well at night. I’ve tried every economical brand:

  • Cuddlers: leakage at the top band, so Liam wakes up with a wet belly and wet PJ’s.
  • Huggies Dry Comfort: works well, but still more expensive than a lot of other brands’ economical version of the diaper.  
  • Pampers Sleep and Play: useless, would not even recommend for a night time diaper for a child who is potty trained.
  • Panda: thumbs down – big, bulky and not very absorbent.
  • Pick n Pay No Name Brand: hideous!! The tabs don’t even stick. Horrible. Horrible. I would rather use towelling nappies than this brand.
  • Clicks and Pick n Pay private label: not bad for short term diaper use i.e. two hours maximum.

THEN, this week I was in Ackerman’s, doing a bit of shopping for the kids and I remembered that Liam was all out of diapers. I hesitantly picked up a pack of their diapers – being the embittered, jaded, disillusioned diaper shopper that I am, I was not up to trying yet ANOTHER diaper. Long story short, these are awesome and at 40 bucks a pop, they are perfect for the child who just needs a night diaper. Soft, absorbent, sweet design and CHEAP. CHEAP!

Because Hannah had another bad rash, and we had that bad pack of Huggies Gold, I decided to try something new with her as well. Pampers Premium. Now I had tried this before, and for the premium price, I wasn’t really blown away by it. But on this occasion, I have been well and truly impressed with this diaper. In keeping with the Pampers we know and love, they are so thin, your baby may as well be naked. I don’t think the design is anything to rave about, I still prefer Huggies Gold in the design department, but this ultra thin diaper is so bloody absorbent WITHOUT those horrible gel balls – its actually amazing. On Saturday afternoon, after Hannah had had two naps, drank copious amounts of liquid, ran around as toddlers do, I realised that I hadn’t changed her bum since the morning. No leakage, no bulky bottom, no gel spillage. It was soaked and heavy after being assaulted by Hannah and her bodily fluids but still it was intact. Also, it’s only been a few days but no sign of a rash – this could mean nothing, but I’m just putting it out there. She wakes up dry too. For this, I am willing to pay premium price (also the fact that Liam is using ultra cheap diapers means I can actually afford to spend a little more on Hannah’s). The ONLY downside to Pampers Premium is that they don’t seem to make size 4+? Why?

So there you have it, I have finally, after three years, solved the diaper mysteries and I may just have won the Nappy Wars. Lord knows I can’t wait for this phase to be over… my only motivation is that one day these kidlets of mine may have to change my old wrinkly bum, and I can only hope that they spend as much time finding the perfect adult nappy, as I have finding the perfect baby one 🙂

4 thoughts on “Nappy Wars”

  1. Oh what we do for those baby smooth bums!!! Glad you’ve finally found somethng that works for you! Enjoy your dry nights!!! And clean linen! LOL xxxxx

  2. I am battling with Jack and leaky nappies. We use cloth nappies 90% of the time – both types I have leak. We do have disposables around and they have all leaked too – Huggies – all kinds and Pampers!

    Is 10months too old to potty train him? LOL cos I am over wee!

  3. Ha! We’ve battled with the nappy too 🙂 In the beginning I used pampers and it was ok because every one used pampers and I thought it was the best. We moved onto pampers premium and I was impressed but a few packs down the line and a few leaks we went onto huggies gold and I (read we) love it. I love the designs and the fit. It is a little bulky which sometimes makes me think its full but other then that no complaints!!

    Glad you have found something that works for you

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