Oh look! It’s the weekend again!


Without sounding like a stuck record, I just want to say how I enjoy spending time with my family! We were in Durban for the long weekend and it was great to be with my parents, my siblings and their families and my in-laws. Durban is still experiencing their eternal Summer, everyone who lives there is still as laid back as ever and our kids still treat us like complete strangers whenever we’re there; choosing their grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, over their parents. No complaints there!

So we left at 4am. That deserves a moment of silence all on its own. (moment). We do this all the time, and in our simple stupid dim minds we expect that we’ll transfer our sleeping cherubs from their beds, still in their pj’s, STILL ASLEEP, into the car and we’ll drive off into the sunrise with them fast asleep. Not. They were wide awake, ready for the road trip, almost peeing in their night time nappies with excitement. I was tired and wanted to sleep, but instead I had to listen to Liam go on and on about nothing in particular, Hannah whining to get out of her car seat, with Barney and Kiddies Gospel on repeat for six hours. I am exaggerating and it wasn’t that bad, they both eventually had good long naps and by the time we got to our destination, everyone the kids were well rested and well behaved. Then we got out of the car and the good behaviour went down the drain. Liam cried a lot – for nothing – because he can. This cry-baby phase is still number 1 on my list of Why Not to Have Another Baby. But I guess if I had a Granny who jumped to my aid every time I said “wah” I’d also cry a lot. So I forgive him. Hannah was a sweet girl, except she wanted to sleep between the hubby and I every night and you know what they say: two’s company, three’s a crowd.

Aside from all that, we spent a lot of time on the beach, particularly at the skate park. Which is basically this arena of different sized ramps where skateboarders, roller bladers and people doing tricks on their BMX bicycles go to “play” – I use this term loosely because some of these people take their hobby quite seriously. Liam was caught up in the mix, riding his trike up some steep ramps, and hurtling down them at maximum speed. I risked my life and ran into the middle of the park, dodging skaters, and went to give Liam a stern talking to about the dangers of riding his small noisy bike down steep ramps designed for far more sophisticated things on wheels.

The other thing I discovered is that they both love Milo cereal and although I still believe that this particular cereal is full of air and sugar and can’t possibly have any nutritional value, it’s nice to see them lick the breakfast bowls clean, so I bought some and hid it away for the weekends only. Liam’s aunty started buying him the Mr Men series… you know the ones by Roger Hargreaves which we used to read when we were younger… Mr Bump, Little Miss Brainy, Mr Dizzy, Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Bad, Mr Perfect. She bought him some more this weekend and he LOVES them. He already knows them back to front and can “read” them to himself or to Hannah, if she is in the mood to listen. Also, this weekend I concluded that Hannah is so ready for school. She has really come out of her shell, she loves people, especially little people and babies. She is way more social than she used to be and not as “ma-vas” as she was only just a few months ago. I think she will do well at school, and it’s so much easier this time around because I know exactly where I’m going to send her – the same school that Liam goes to, a school we all love.

The trip back was less eventful, I guess because everyone was deflated and sad that the weekend was over. I drove for a bit and Daddy Dearest had his chance in the hot seat, keeping the kids entertained – needless to say that didn’t last long. I was glad, because I do not enjoy driving long distance at all.

So it’s the weekend AGAIN; I so could live with these three day weeks, couldn’t you? This weekend we have birthday parties and birthday parties and birthday parties – all for little people. Exciting! No seriously, I really do enjoy kiddies parties – who doesn’t enjoy sweeties and cake and yummy marshmallows (a winner at every kiddies party I have been to). And watching the shared delight in their little faces as the birthday kid opens his/her presents. I love a good party!

So have a wonderful weekend my lovelies, God bless and be safe  xxx




3 thoughts on “Oh look! It’s the weekend again!”

  1. Sad… that weekend just went too quickly! Enjoy yours ahead… don’t eat too much cake! xxxx

  2. It was wonderful!!! We treasure these moments and look forward to the next!!Thank God for His family xxx

  3. It sounds like you had a great weekend away! I think we should all go on strike to demand at least one long weekend a month. Do you know our next public holiday is in August? That’s like 3 months away WTH!!!

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