Jimmy Jungles

A few Sundays ago, we attended a party at the new Jimmy Jungles in Greenstone Mall. If you have children between the ages of 6 months and  10 years old, you may want to give them a visit. I’ve been to many a play facility in my days, so I think I do know a bit about what’s cool and what’s not. Ok, truthfully, I base this on just how much fun my kids have while we are there.

As I said, we were there for a party. The downside is that this branch only has one private party venue, the upside is that this room is bloody fantastic so best you book early. They set the room up to look really festive, with an adults table, couches for the dads to lounge on and a discreet flat screen TV showing the EPL games (how else will you keep the dads at a kiddies party?). Ha, I’m sure they change it to whatever channel you wish, but I did think it was a nice touch! The kiddies table was beautiful, starting with the furniture. Not the usual plastic table and chairs from Game or Makro, but stunningly moulded plastic furniture, cute and safe enough for a little bum. A little ball pond was set up in the party room as well, and I thought this was such a nice touch for the parents with very little babas who still felt a bit insecure about being out in the big play park with the rest of the crowd. The décor is obviously jungle-like but could easily be adapted to a theme of your choice, I am sure, as the room had lots of cute and cuddly gadgets, all tastefully and well placed. A lot of their toys seem imported… perhaps they aren’t, but they are definitely not from China! That much I could tell, as you can see and feel that they’re top quality and most have an educational element which is also nice.

Right! Onto the big stuff… Liam was in jungle gym heaven. The slides and bikes and mazes and deep ball ponds for the older kids are awesome! I had to first find, then chase and then beg Liam to come and sing happy birthday. He was positively bursting with excitement and couldn’t even articulate what a good time he was having. You know when your kid is talking really loudly and stuttering and unable to make eye contact and jumping on the spot – yes, that much of excitement. The toddler area is very cute, with little doll houses, plenty of prams and dollies, see-saws and a smaller ball pond, a play kitchen and lots and lots of toys.

The BEST part is that while the kids are going wild, the adults can sit down and enjoy a meal, read a magazine or chat to another mom or dad while the kiddies “play-date.” Although I was at a catered party, I did glance at the menu which wasn’t too bad considering it’s a kiddies joint, and not badly priced at all. Regarding parties, they do it all – from the party packs, to the cake, to the invitations, to the lovely ladies who will even sing happy birthday for your tot! The helpers are great, and you can rest assured that your kidlets are being well looked after – even wild children like my two. And while there are those super fabulous moms who love to plan their kids’ parties down to the last detail, I know that there are thousands like me who just want to pitch up, take some photos for the album and leave once everyone is sugared out, right? Right! And while parties are great fun for everyone, this venue is awesome just to take the kids to after school, or on the weekend, to run wild and have some serious fun, while you can enjoy a cup of coffee and finish that book you’ve been reading for the last six months. My girlfriends and I have already pencilled in play dates at Jimmy Jungles…yes for the kids, but also for us to catch up without having to find a babysitter. Their prices are market related and worth every penny.

Liam and Hannah would give Jimmy Jungles, Greenstone Shopping Centre, a whopping 4 stars out of 5. I’d take my two jungle monkeys there any day.


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