Belated Mother’s Day Wishes…

What kind of a mommy blogger would I be, if I didn’t blog about Mother’s Day? I mean this is a blog for and about my children, which in turn relates to me being a mom, which means I absolutely HAVE to talk about all things mom-related! And Mother’s Day pretty much sums all of that up, right? It’s our day to be loved and appreciated and spoilt – or if you live in my house you just get a box of chocolates and lots of slobbery kisses and you’re still expected to put lunch on the table. But besides that, I think Mother’s Day is a chance for us, as moms, to reflect on this whole mother-thing. So albeit I’m a bit late, this one is for moms, more especially, my own mother.

I am so blessed to have the mother that I have. She is a phenomenal woman and in all honesty, I am yet to meet another human being who possesses the range of qualities that my mom does. She is soft and gentle, she is kind and caring, she doesn’t ever judge, she never says no to anyone, for anything. She would go out of her way and make herself uncomfortable, if it meant that someone else would benefit. She doesn’t buckle under pressure or lose her cool ever. I don’t recall my mother ever yelling at me the way I yell at Liam and Hannah and she had four children! She has this amazing love for Jesus, and her faith is something to behold… just by her faith and belief in God, she has brought many to know the Lord, myself and my husband included. She is so humble, she would never pick a fight with you, even if you were wrong, but make no mistake, she would let you have it! But in this loving, gentle way that makes you feel even WORSE for the crime you have committed! Ha! She is a simple woman who doesn’t have any airs and graces about her and you are drawn to her, even though she is unassuming, because you feel her warmth and her love, even if you’re meeting her for the first time.

My fondest and earliest memories of the type of woman my mother was/is, go back to pre-school. She would dress me for school, but first warm my feet in her hands before slipping them into my white school girl socks. She would let me climb into bed with her and my dad when I was scared at night. I used to suffer with severe stomach pains from an early age, and my mom would lay with me and rub my stomach and my back and I could see in her eyes that she wanted to take my pain away. We used to sing and read and talk a lot, and everything was a lesson. Every opportunity was one to learn something, maybe because she was a school teacher? Even as a teenager, I never experienced the slamming of doors and the “I wish I could just grow up and leave this house cos I hate living here!!” – I honestly can’t remember having a serious argument with my mother. Yes, I did many things that got me into trouble, and yes I was punished but we never had that love/hate relationship that so many other girls my age used to complain about.

Which leads me to present day. My mom is my rock, she is so dependable, she gives such good advice and even now, when I phone her in a tizz, she is able to calm me down and get the rational part of my brain working again. I love how she loves my husband and how she respects him as the head of our house and respects her boundaries as the “mother in law” – we all know the stories about evil mothers in law! But more than anything, I love how she loves my children. I see the joy they bring her, even when they are at their worst! She is so patient with Liam and Hannah and I see how this impacts on them and I wish I was more like her! She reminds me to take them for their vaccines and flu jabs, and to make camphor bags for their chests in the Winter, and to squeeze fresh oranges for them. She doesn’t get tired, physically yes, but she keeps going to keep the children entertained. Most recently, she has been looking for a house for us. Yes, that’s right! She spends hours, all the way down in Durban, trawling the property sites for possible houses for us. She sends me the links and I say yes or no – my own personal property genie! She is amazing!

Her birthday is coming up on Sunday, a day after Hannah’s. I wish we could be together because like Mother’s Day, your birthday is a day to honour you, it is the day you were born and came into existence to make the world a better place for others. So I want to honour you, Mom. For being such a strong and mighty force in my life, even when I didn’t feel you pushing me on. I want to be more like you in every way. The wife you are to Daddy, the mother you are to us, the grandmother you are to our children, the sister and aunt and friend you are to so many people. You are amazing. If I could be half the mom you are, to my own children, I know I’d be doing it right. Thank you for being such an amazing example, thank you for all the sacrifices, thank you for all the prayers, none of it goes unnoticed. The thing is, I know there is nothing physical I could give you that would make you spill over with joy. You aren’t into jewellery or perfume or expensive things, but I do know that knowing your children and their children are happy, makes you happy. And I am so happy! Happy to be a part of this family, happy that we get on so well, happy that you are my mom, and I know this makes you happy too.

Love you Mom xxx


4 thoughts on “Belated Mother’s Day Wishes…”

  1. Aaahhh Bless Aunty Joany, a true soldier for our Creator, and a true lover of humankind. Most definatelty one of the gentlest, genuine people I know. I count myself honoured.

  2. Nothing that I could add or take away would make this blog any more exceptional than it is! Thank you Robyn for honouring Mum like this! She is a real gem, a find to be treasured; and all those who know her, know that every word is true! Lots of love xxx

  3. I love this post! We all need to honor our moms and you’ve done your mom so proud, well done! I have fond memories of your m as a teacher and everytime I hear the word “kookaburra” I think of her cos she taught us the song back in primary school!!! Lol!

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