Time flies when you’re having fun


Hello. Have you missed me? I’m back! For a little while.

This last week has been one of those where you sort of see yourself in the third person. Some call it an out of body experience. Like I was present, going through the motions, ticking things off the to do list, but mentally I feel like the last week was a dream! Just.So.Much.Going.On. But good stuff – all good stuff! Bullet points for you today because a very wise friend once told me that less is definitely more, especially when you have a lot to say because one tends to ramble on and on – death by detail for the reader. You see, I am doing it right now! He reckons the perfect blog post should be about 500 words, I mean do you know me? I can’t tell a story in 500 words, 5000 possibly but 500? But I digress… so… about those bullet points:

  • Liam and Hannah left with their grandparents this morning. But the run up to this trip was not an easy one. Remember I told you they were both snotballs on the verge of snotting us into slime-blivion? And how I was reluctant to put them on a dose of antibiotics? Well I did. And they got better. I spent last week dosing them up every morning and night, combining medicine with the natural stuff, applying Puma Balm to their chests, backs and soles of their feet every night – you name it, I was doing it. Then there was the matter of thermal undies – have you priced these babies? Aside from the fact that Liam now shops in the big boy section (read big boy, big price), a pair of thermal long johns and a long sleeved vest will set you back about R120. Multiply that by two children and three sets each! For undies! CRAZY! Right, so last week was a cycle of dolloping out meds and fixing my babies. Wash, rinse, repeat. THEN yesterday, Liam’s school calls to tell me he has the vom’s and is throwing up all over the school premises. After the first call, I calculated that he still had a set of clean clothes in his school bag and that after a nap, he’d revive. But alas, I received another call after lunch. Now bearing in mind they were due to leave this morning, I was not taking any chances. I took him straight to the doctor and demanded a quick fix, as opposed to the “take him home, let him rest and ride it out routine.” There was NO way Liam was going to keep me from Mozambique! Murphy’s Law dictates that a child WILL get sick a day before he is due to leave his parents for a holiday. Anyway,  his last upchuck was at 10pm last night and after changing bedding, popping in a load of washing, changing his clothes and getting into bed myself, I am happy to report I waved them goodbye this morning.
  • Remember Mozambique? Well it’s this week! I have thus far secured one swimming costume at a ludicrous undisclosed fee. We have spent the last week with back and forth emails and phone calls, finalizing the most minute detail, ensuring that we have everything covered. The only thing left to do is wax, tweeze, pluck and present myself bald and willing.
  • In the last week we have also changed cars. This all happened so quickly that I still feel like I am driving someone else’s car! I have been wanting to downsize for a while. When the kids were both little and we had two big prams, two monstrous car seats, two baby bags, two two two of everything – my little Clio was not cutting it. I LOVED my Clio, she was small and zippy, I could slip in and out of parking bays, highways lanes and fly over speed bumps (this was also pre-kids so do entertain my grand illusions of wanting to be like Charlize Theron in her Mini Cooper in the remake of The Italian Job). I needed a mom mobile, so I bought a Toyota Verso – big, reliable, safe. BORING. Fast forward two years, we no longer have prams, and occasionally use a stroller for Hannah if we’re going to a place that requires a lot of walking. We don’t have baby bags and Liam sits in a compact booster seat. Also, with a monthly bond payment looming, we have been thinking really hard about ways to cut down. The hubby and I spoke about it in passing on Sunday, my brief was simple – small and zippy and safe with power steering and a/c. that is all. On Wednesday, my husband brought a Polo Vivo for me to test drive and on Friday I got the keys. Side note: how easy has Wesbank made it to complete the paperwork related to buying a car? It was all done online, via a secure iContract site, signed, sealed and delivered to an email address of your choice. My heart was a tad bit sore to say good bye to my Verso. The fun bus with each and every stain on the back seat being memorable. NO, not that kind of stain, get your mind out of the gutter! But when Liam said “congratulations mamma, I love your new car!” – I knew I had made the right choice.
  • Lastly, we have been moving along at a steady pace regarding our new house. This weekend we had the pleasure of introducing my parents to our new home. And I’m one of those people who thrive on another person’s validation of my choices – crazy, I know, but when my mom and dad were so excited for us, it made me feel even better about our decision to buy. We have spent the last few days signing our lives away and we were thrilled when just this morning, the transfer attorney advised that if all goes well, we can bank on being in our new home by the end of August – if not earlier. I smell a spring day house warming party…

So that’s where I’m at. It was great to spend the weekend with my parents, it was even better to say goodbye to them and the kids this morning. Ha! I kid. But I won’t lie, the husband and I are looking forward to this time ALONE together. We leave for Mozambique on Friday, but we have a few adult things planned before then. No silly, not THOSE sort of things.. I meant movies, dinners, DVDs and popcorn – all the things that you can’t do when you have little babies in the house! So do forgive me, if things get a little bit quiet around here, it’s only because I’m living my dream! And look, I’m on 1145 words, I best sign off!


To the two daddies in my world


To my own daddy

My father is a man amongst men. From a young age, he has been the one person I can irrevocably rely on, the one person who has remained constant throughout the years and through life’s trials, he has remained unwavering. I know that he is capable of fixing any problem because he always does, and I know that he would bend over backwards to see that his children were ok – even now that we are all grown and have families of our own. My dad has instilled in us, from a very young age, the value of hard work, good morals and ethics and a strong desire to help other people, especially those who are less fortunate than we are. He is very decisive, none of that wish washy emotional stuff, he is practical and reasonable and always makes a lot of sense. He gives good advice all the time and I know I can take his advice straight to the bank. All the time. As a little girl, I loved having this giant who I felt safe and protected with. My dad was and is a real jokester, like his dad and my pa were before him. He has the most amazing sense of humour, and we laugh at the silliest things all the time. He is also so intelligent, he would finish the crosswords in the newspaper every night in like 40 seconds (I’m sure it was longer than that, but in my little mind I couldn’t believe how smart he was!). I used to take his socks and shoes off every evening, then we’d sit on the couch and watch the news until supper was ready. As I got older, we’d watch TV late into the night, and I was always amused at how he’d quickly change the channel if there was any kissing or inappropriate scenes not suitable for younger viewers. I love listening to his stories about his childhood in District 6 in Cape Town, and then later his experiences of Apartheid. I don’t think my dad is afraid of anything. Not even death. You know why? Not because he is a super hero (even though I think he is), but because he knows and loves the Lord. I remember sitting in the front row in church every Sunday, my parents and brothers and sister taking up the whole row. My dad was strict, lovingly strict. I remember him fetching me in his stokkies (old man slippers) from a night club one night, I was SOOO embarrassed, but I now know (15 odd years later) that he was doing it out of love. After high school, I left to au pair in America – that was the first time I saw my father cry, in fact he sobbed like a baby! We have always had this special bond, and although I’ve outgrown his knee, I know that I can crawl back to him at any time and his arms will always be open. Two years back, my dad got seriously ill, so ill we thought we were going to lose him. I felt like my world was crumbling, I don’t know what I would do without him. My hope is that he will know what an amazing job he has done at fathering us. How absolutely awesome I think he is and how deeply loved he is by not only me now, but by his grandchildren too.

To my babies daddy

Before we had children, I was never sure what kind of a father my husband would be. Although I had seen him in action with our nieces and nephews, I wasn’t sure that he was the gooey, romantic type – in fact, I now know that he isnt! But I am astounded everyday at what a wonderful father he is. I guess I can thank my mother in law for raising my hub to be a very independent self sufficient somebody. He can run our house probably better than I can. He can multitask like a mom, seriously! This weekend I watched him handle the kids’ doctor’s visit, go pick up the bag full of meds and administer the meds on time every day, down to the 5.3ml of Augmentin for Liam (I would just have winged that .3ml, you know what I mean!) There isn’t anything he can’t and won’t do for me or the kids. My friends are always amused when I say he cooks, he cleans, he packs my lunch, he dresses the kids in the morning and feeds them their breakfast, he washes dishes, he irons his own clothes when Zoleka isn’t there. He plays with and reads to his children, he takes them to the park and lets them have the TV remote to watch Mouk over and over and over again. He prays with them. Although his patience wears thin and although I often complain that he doesn’t do things MY way, he gets the job done, and done well. I most admire him because he has shown staying power – there were times when I could have packed up and left HIM with two small children – it was rough, and I don’t applaud him for staying, that’s his job and what he signed up for, I admire him because HE was the one who kept telling me how everything would be fine, how our love would keep us together. And he was right. He doesn’t care about clothes and cars, he cares that his kids have everything they need and more, that we can afford to put Liam in a good school and that he can partake in all the extra mural activities he asks for, and I know it isn’t always easy for him, but he always makes a plan. I love watching him with our kids, I love how they love him. I guess because of my own relationship with my father, I always wanted my kids to experience that fatherly love and I am so glad that God blessed me with THIS man. Thank you for being the dad and husband that you are.

I hope that you were all able to love and appreciate your daddies this Father’s Day – whether in the flesh or in spirit. Most importantly, I am grateful for my heavenly Daddy, whose love is unfathomable and forever.

Xxx R

About winter baby blues and home remedies that work…

Every mother, at one point or another, has experienced that moment when your kid is so sick and you have no idea how to make it better. I have experienced many of these moments, and last night was no different. Both Liam and Hannah have had runny noses and mild flu symptoms for about a week – nothing major and definitely not worthy of a doctor’s visit and yet another round of Augmentin (I DETEST antibiotics). Liam had a slight cough but again, nothing major. I had been treating their symptoms with the usual suspects: Dime.tapp, Demazin, Cor.enza C for kids, Flu.sin and the list goes on. Don’t get me started on the OTC cough mixtures… Bron.chese, Bron.coped, Ben.ylin, Pro.span, and that list goes on too. And not forgetting the antihistamines from Tex.a to Des.elex to Aller.gex and so on.

None of the above have worked. Their noses are still running during the day, and are blocked at night. Liam is still coughing and Hannah is still raspy. I think I was hoping that their flu jab was working and that the symptoms wouldn’t get any worse, but last night Liam’s coughing was horrible. He was coughing literally every five seconds, almost with every intake of breath, and in between this he was wheezing and his chest sounded like a truck starting up on a cold winter’s morning. I walked into his room and he appeared to be asleep, but coughing and wheezing in his sleep – which was weird – how can such crazy coughing not wake a kid up? So I shook him awake and then of course he cried, and that of course made the coughing worse and I knew that the vomit would come soon after so I was rushing around the room trying to get myself prepared, mentally kicking myself for not fetching my humidifier which I had borrowed to my sister in law for her sick baba a few weeks earlier. He didn’t vomit but the coughing continued, and I just held him in my arms and had that sad sorry moment where I had no idea what to do. I yelled to my hubby to get the Aspelone hoping that the corticosteroid would ease his chest, and I prayed HARD. I messaged my mother to ask her to pray too, I rubbed his chest and feet with Puma Balm and we gave him the Aspelone while he cried and coughed (I was actually visualising the projectile vomit at this stage, but nothing, sjoe!). After about 10 minutes, his coughing eased and I left him to sleep. At precisely 03h12, I bounced out of bed (bad mother who sleeps like the dead when her kid is sick) and went to check on him and Hannah and he was out cold and his breathing, although a bit raspy, was definitely much better than it had been. Hannah was still fast asleep.

Needless to say, I have booked them both in to see our doctor today at 5pm.

Point of this story, I have this amazing home remedy which our family has been using for years. Primarily for coughs, but I usually keep it up throughout winter because I believe it helps with all the winter nigglies that our kids fall prone to. I ran out about three weeks ago and have just not had the time to buy everything and make the mixture again. I can kick myself in the head (but I’m not double jointed) for not keeping it up, I can almost guarantee that last night would not have happened and that the kids would have been a bit healthier, and I would not have to put them on another round of antibiotics which I KNOW my doctor will prescribe this afternoon.

It’s a simple, cheap recipe and it’s more or less natural – using mainly Lennon’s Dutch medicines. The main ingredient is honey, so you may only want to use this in kids over the age of 12 months.  I give Liam and Hannah a teaspoon full every morning and night.

The ingredients:

  • 500ml of honey
  • 1 x Lennon’s Borsdruppels
  • 1 x Lennon’s Turlington
  • 1 x Lennon’s Peppermintdruppels
  • 1 spoon Olive Oil
  • 1 spoon Vinegar

I bought a plastic shaker from the Crazy Store but you could use any container that is easy to dispense from. Pour all the honey into your container, add half the bottle of Borsdruppels, half the bottle of Turlington (tastes really VILE), the olive oil, the vinegar and peppermint to taste – usually about a ¼ of the bottle. Mix it all together. That is it. It doesn’t taste horrible, but your kid isn’t exactly going to ask for more. The most horrible ingredient is the Turlington, so if anything, don’t be heavy handed with that in particular.

I am going to make our mixture today – even with the antibiotics – and get my kids well again. Heaven knows I can’t have them ill when I’m about to send them off on a two week holiday in precisely 13 days! They won’t enjoy their holiday and I most certainly will not enjoy mine, knowing they are not their usual bouncy selves.

Give the recipe a try, based on this mixture for two children, twice a day, we usually see results on around day four or so, consistency is key – like most natural remedies, it takes time but works well.

Hoping my babies bounce back quickly!


Stare if you must, but be warned there are kids on the loose…

I had to laugh when I read this post  of Melinda’s yesterday. Funny enough, my husband and I were having this exact conversation over the weekend. Everyone who knows us, knows that my two munchkins are not exactly the quiet types. They are loud and boisterous and highly strung – much like their mother. They can both talk the hind leg of a donkey, albeit Hannah would have to find a donkey who could understand her German/Punjabi/Latin (gobbledygook). They are both very animated and must have your undivided attention when they are in the throes of explaining a very complicated scene from the episode of Handy Manny which they had watched earlier, and you had better not um and ah your way through the conversation, they expect you to be present and respond with more than just a “um, yes my baby.”

I like to compare them to two little puppies. You know how puppies are so jumpy and excitable and don’t stop yapping, sometimes to the point of irritation? Yes, that’s how my kids can be. Sometimes my irritation levels are so high that I want to run out of the house, climb on that donkey who is missing a hind leg, and race off into the sunset away from my yappy puppies, but if I was to choose, I would take my effervescent, vivacious and so darn talkative two over the good little quiet pups any day.

There was a time where it would cause me much embarrassment, I would whisper through clenched teeth that if they didn’t pipe down, I was going to deal with them when we got home. Come on, you know the clenched teeth whisper, every mom has done it, don’t fib now. I would all but muzzle them, in an attempt to make like I was in control, to make it seem like I could handle it. I would freak out if they threw a tantrum in the mall, or if I felt like people were watching us. And then I guess I got a revelation which I HOPE all moms get eventually. They are kids, they are supposed to be wild and untamed and curious and annoyingly happy ALL the bloody time (I mean have you seen a kid come out of the naughty corner, I personally would sulk for days, but kids come bouncing off the naughty chair ready to start afresh, isn’t that awesome?). Thank God that your kid has a desire and the ability to jump and scream and shout. Yes, reign them in and teach them about inside voice versus outside voice, and discipline them when they really are out of order, but for goodness sakes, let them be KIDS! My friends laughed at me this weekend, Hannah was wearing a brand new pretty little jersey, and she wanted to play in the sand and of course I was having a major wobbly – more concerned about her pretty jersey, than just letting her get down and dirty. That WAS unfair! We used to go to a staunch Catholic church where people would turn to stare at you if your kid so much as sang out of tune (something my kids are good at) and everyone with a kid was relegated to this “cry room” – yes they called it that – and boy, it made me want to cry when I got there. Now we go to a church which embraces and celebrates the joy and pent up energy that little kids have. Yes, children need to understand that some places require a bit more decorum and less George-of-the-jungle, but you have to have your head checked if you expect a toddler to sit like a starched doily for more than a few minutes.

I have great kids – they are polite, have good manners and beautiful hearts. BUT they act out, they throw tantrums, they make me chase them screaming through shopping centres while they screech with joy, they make me lose my cool and count to 10 about 769 times a day, they jump on the couch, break my sunglasses and jam our DVD player ever so often, they fight with each other and don’t pick up their toys, they poop in their pants even though the toilet is two steps away and they cry when they don’t get their own way. But if you want a kid who doesn’t do any of the above, please save yourself the stress of parenthood and get yourself a porcelain doll instead.

I don’t care that they drive me crazy, and I certainly don’t care that you stare open mouthed at us when we’re performing in the parking lot, I no longer care to hear your advice about taming my two tigers, in fact, I love them just the way they are – and why wouldn’t I? They take straight after their mother and I’ll take THAT as a compliment, thank you very much.

Stay-at-home VS send-to-school

I blog about this often but it’s just such a hot topic when you have little ones and particularly in my case, where I have a child who goes to school and one who stays at home.

Today, my 3 year old child recognised the country flags of Israel, Zimbabwe, the United States of America, China and the United Kingdom. Last week they studied the countries of the world and this week he came home with all the work they had done on this subject. I was astounded and so very proud – even if it was learning by rote! Now I don’t think that knowing foreign countries’ flags means anything (unless you want to be a champion Pictionary or 30 Seconds player) but I do think it’s something worth knowing, and I do believe it’s the start to learning about your world, and that there is life outside of your mom and dad and siblings. I am so happy with what Liam is learning at school and his own personal progress that I really want to put Hannah into school as soon as possible.

Before Hannah was born, and in my idealistic mind, it was my intention to keep Liam at home for as long as possible. I had read much literature which alluded to the fact that boys didn’t need any form of schooling until age three. I was happy for him to be home, away from all the nasty school germs, for as long as possible. Then Hannah came along and we were forced to enrol Liam in school – for everyone’s benefit because someone would have ultimately suffered… either Liam who would have been put in front of the TV for hours on end while Zoleka saw to Hannah. Or Hannah who would be left to cry while Zoleka saw to Liam. Or Zoleka would just simply burn out from caring for a new born and a one year old. So when Liam turned 18 months and I was getting ready to go back to work after maternity leave, he started school. The first school we enrolled him in was a complete disaster. It was more of a child care facility and Liam was receiving very little stimulation and was not happy to be there. Again, if I had a choice, I would have pulled him from the schooling system there and then, but because I didn’t have a choice, we looked for a better school. And THAT was the best thing I could have done for him. He has flourished, grown in leaps and bounds and has developed at such an alarming rate, that I sometimes forget he has just only turned three. I mean the flags of the world, really?!!

This brings me to Hannah, I can see that she is a different child because she hasn’t been exposed to school. I do not deny that I am to blame here. I have no time or inclination to teach Hannah how to colour correctly, how to hold a pencil, how to learn the days of the week, or the months of the year or her colours. I do try to incorporate learning as much as I can into our day to day activities by identifying colours or counting as we climb the stairs but I can’t exactly say her brain is being as stimulated as Liam’s is during the day. In fact, Liam is the only person who is really interested in helping Hannah learn anything worthwhile, because he likes to “play school” and he is the teacher and Hannah is the pupil. Hoping that this will pay off. Ha. But just in being exposed to other children, and being exposed to structured learning from a young age, I can see what a difference this has made in Liam. And I do not think that this sets him above children who do not go to school, I just think that his mind and body are being exercised in a way that I, personally, would not be able to manage if he was a child who stayed home with a helper. Hannah’s speech is delayed and mentally she is nowhere near where Liam was at her age. AND I don’t mean from an intelligence level, because I am most certainly not comparing the two; every child is different, I mean from just being exposed to school and having a teacher to physically teach you things. You can’t deny the value in having someone sit with you for 8 hours actually learning through play, right? And for this simple reason, I want Hannah to go to school too. I want her to be exposed. That’s all. I don’t care if she doesn’t know the flags of the world, I don’t care if she calls the colour blue, pink, until she is 5 years old. But I just want her to be in that environment where her little mind and body are given the full opportunity to learn and grasp and discover and be amazed. And I know it may make no difference in the long run, I myself only went to school at age 4, but I want to give her that opportunity at least.

So I’m hoping to have her in school by the end of the year, once we have settled down in our new house and the kids are over the disruption that a new house brings. It will also be warmer so getting up in the mornings will be less traumatising. In the mean time, I will continue to be amazed at what Liam is learning every day… the other day he came home and explained what “technology” is. For real. He said “it’s computers and email and stuff”. Yeh, that’s right. Boy genius, I tell you.

Countdown to Mozambique…

Mozambique is in 25 Days. AARRRGHH! The only thing that has been finalised in preparation for this trip is childcare. Which is a good thing, because without the childcare, we wouldn’t be going. But aside from that, I am in no way ready for this holiday. Oh wait, mentally I am OVER ready, but physically I need to start making lists. You know how I love lists. I need to make a Count Down to Moz list.

First thing on the list: what to wear.

I do not have bathing suits, sarongs, sun hats and all the other holiday gear one is supposed to acquire when taking a holiday by the sea. Of course, trying to get any of these things in a Wintery Johannesburg is proving futile. My husband has vowed that if I show up in my maternity swim suit EVER AGAIN he will disown me, not sure why, I think that big blue stretchy spandex mass of a cozzie is so comfortable and fits so well? My idea is to go to a specialist store like Speedo or something, do they stock stuff that doesn’t look like I’m trying out for the Olympics? The good news is that I intend to spend most of my time in a sarong and swimming costume anyway, so really I just need to find one store that stocks both items. Problem solved. Anyone know of such a store?

Second on the list: what to pack for the kids.

So my darling parents will come up a week before we leave, they will be taking my kids and my niece and nephew on a road trip down to Durban and then to Harding to spend time with my sister and her family. In total, they will be away from us for two weeks. Now while I am looking utterly forward to being child free for two whole weeks, it is the first time that I will be away from Hannah and I am a bit nervous about how she will react. Ok, let me be honest, I’m more worried about how I will react. My baby away from me for so long! But I think back to the first time Liam went on holiday with my parents at 18 months and how I thought I would positively die from missing him, and it turned out to be just what this sleep-deprived-running-on-empty mother needed. A BREAK. So I am hoping for the same experience with Hannah this time. Right, so the actual problem here is packing for two children for two weeks. Not exactly an easy feat. And not something I can do in advance either, considering they will be wearing what I need to pack virtually right up until the day they leave. But what I have started doing is compiling a list of what I need to pack… like 5 tracksuits, 10 vests and so on. Zoleka will receive a copy of this list closer to the time and she will assist in making sure that the washing is done, set aside and ready to be packed. It takes team work to make the dream work and all that.   

Third on the list: our passports

Now you may think that THIS needs to be point one, but thanks to the sms I received yesterday, this point has become less critical for me. I say for ME, because my husband has YET to apply for his passport. Make no mistake, I will go without him on this trip! Even though the point of this trip is to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, I will leave this man in Johannesburg. We can celebrate in spirit. So yes, I applied for my passport last week Wednesday and yesterday, that’s right, just 6 days later, I received an sms to say it was ready for collection. My husband says he just doesn’t have time to apply for his passport and promises to do so before this week is over. I have come to grips with the fact that he may not come on this trip and have stopped nagging him to do so. So all I need to do is collect my passport and this point can come off my list.

Fourth on the list: miscellaneous packing

Bearing in mind, we are driving with friends in their vehicle so I really do not want to over pack. This said, I am a woman. A woman who feels more secure when I have packed everything but the kitchen sink, as opposed to “winging it” and hoping that I’ll find a shop who sells the weird item I may require while on holiday (I blame motherhood for this, because as a young travelling woman, I’d just pack a clean set of undies). So do I pack my blow dryer, my GHD, how many extra batteries for my camera, all my hair products, my sun block in varying degrees of SPF-ness. I need access to my cyber world, so all my electronics with all their chargers need to be packed in. What about my make up bag? I don’t wear a lot of makeup but my make up bag is HUGE. Just in case. You know. I want to look pretty in the evenings while my husband stares into my eyes underneath the moonlight (if he makes the trip). Crikey, this point requires a long list, with sub lists and sub-sub lists.

All this aside, I can’t wait to go on holiday! Even if it may be that I have to (a) skinny dip because I have no swimming gear, (b) be alone because my husband doesn’t have a passport, and (c) be left stranded because my lift refuses to take me with so much luggage. The countdown has begun!!

Home, sweet home…

I cannot tell you how long I’ve waited to write this post. I’ve even had a script in my head about what I would say and how I would say it. But now that the time has finally come, I don’t have any words! I just feel relief and happiness and that Christmas eve excitement about what the future holds. We have finally found our dream house 🙂

A few weeks ago, my mom sent me a link to a property; now given that my mother was sending me approximately 14 links a day, most of which I had either seen or did not fit our requirement, I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down when I first spotted this house. Something drew me to it all the same so I set up a viewing with the agent. I noticed the house was advertised by three different agents – all of whom I knew on a first name basis due to the sheer number of houses we had looked at. I chose to go with the agent who was advertising the house at the cheapest price… sneaky sneaky. I went alone, I liked the house A LOT and forced my husband to go and take a look when he had time during his work day. Long story short, he loved the place too and we set up yet another viewing to fine-tooth comb the property. It needs very little work, in fact the only thing that I would change is the kitchen, over time, when we can afford to, because it’s not the magnificent kitchen I imagined my dream home to have, but it’s functional and will do just fine for the foreseeable future. But I do love that one wall is completely windowed, and looks out onto the garden and I imagine myself cooking a hearty meal for my family, while I watch my kids play in the garden, with our golden retriever who doesn’t exist yet  (cue soppy music, birds tweeting and hazy In.sta.gram picture quality). Everything else is almost perfect. If anyone knows me, they know I would have been an investigative journalist or a PI in another life. I ask questions, I like to get to the bottom of things, I like to feel secure that the knowledge I have is as close to the truth as I can possibly get it. So I started my investigations by first interviewing the family who were selling the house, then I pulled the police records I could find, read archives of the local area newspaper, I made my hubby drive around the neighbourhood a few times, and just recently I’ve started to look into schools. When I was satisfied with my findings, and my husband was tired of my poor impersonation of Sherlock Holmes, we finally put in an offer. Which takes us to last week Wednesday, when the seller accepted our offer, which takes us to yesterday when our bond was approved. Which takes us to today, where I am so deliriously happy that I’m already planning the roof wetting. Of course, the road ahead is still long and hard, involving lawyers and transfers and the deeds office and more money than we actually have in our bank accounts, however I am confident that all will fall into place eventually.

The most amazing thing is that when I look back, with the beauty of hindsight, I see how God has been working behind the scenes to get us to this point. And I am so utterly grateful for all the prayers that were offered up, by many people including family, friends and our church. God’s promises are YES and AMEN and to be a front row spectator to the miracles He is performing in our lives, is absolutely incredible.

We still have many weeks before we can call this house OURS, and I don’t mean to put the cart before the “house”, but I do feel so blessed and almost wound up at the prospect of finally having a house to call home. So without further ado, I will be framing pictures, choosing colour swatches, finding the cheapest quotes for handmade curtains and most importantly calculating my new shoe space for when we eventually get to move into our dream home.

And I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ [right up to the time of His return], developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you. Phil 1: 6 – 8 AMP

Sleep Walker

Remember this post about Hannah moving into a big girl’s bed? Right. Everything was going swimmingly well until about two weeks ago when it dawned on her that this new found freedom, meant she could come and go as she pleased. At any time of the night. Why should she sleep in her own bed, alone and miserable, when she can silently creep in between mom and dad and then force them each into a corner while she takes up the whole bed and all the covers? I’m not sure what to do to solve this problem, I don’t want to lock her in her room, I want her to have the freedom to get on and off her bed, but I sure don’t want to regress to having a kid in the bed, when I’ve worked so hard from day one to keep the marital bed sacred (I sound like Danielle Steel).

I’ll be in a deep sleep, dreaming about Lindt chocolate bunnies, and I’ll feel this warm breath right on my cheek. I’ll open my eyes and find two big eye balls staring back at me. Once I’ve recovered from the shock,  I mean how would you like to be death stared awake, I’ll let her into the bed and we’ll sleep. Let’s be honest, there is something wonderfully scrumptious about spooning with a small little body. Until the small little body star fishes on the bed and manages to wrap herself in the entire duvet, while her parents freeze on the outskirts. So then I started to walk her back to her room when I found her breathing down my neck. This worked for a little while, until she started to insist on me climbing in with her. She has a double bed, so it wasn’t an uncomfortable arrangement, but that’s not the point. I have my own bed, I sleep with Daddy and you are supposed to sleep by yourself in your bed. This seems to have become a regular night time game and I need to break the cycle. At first when it was an occasional thing it was all cute and stuff, NOW it’s happening every night and I need to take the bull by the horns and stop it.

I was hoping that the cold would put her off and she’d stay put in her warm bed, clearly the cold doesn’t bother her. I have tried taking her back to bed and leaving her there, but half an hour later, she’s back with her heavy breathing. The minute her head hits the pillow, either in our or her bed and I’m next to her, she is lights out, but I don’t want her to get into the habit of having me next to her in order to fall asleep.

Now I’ve always advocated doing what works at the time, because they’ll grow up soon enough and all these baby problems  will be a thing of the past, but after two years to NOW start with sleeping shenanigans is crazy and unfair on mommy who has gotten used to an eight hour night. Anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to stop this sleep walker in her tracks? I do love to feel her little chubby hand search for mine under the covers, and I do love to be woken up with wet sloppy kisses, and I do love that she feels safe and secure when she is snuggled up close to me, but I do love uninterrupted sleep too!