Sleep Walker

Remember this post about Hannah moving into a big girl’s bed? Right. Everything was going swimmingly well until about two weeks ago when it dawned on her that this new found freedom, meant she could come and go as she pleased. At any time of the night. Why should she sleep in her own bed, alone and miserable, when she can silently creep in between mom and dad and then force them each into a corner while she takes up the whole bed and all the covers? I’m not sure what to do to solve this problem, I don’t want to lock her in her room, I want her to have the freedom to get on and off her bed, but I sure don’t want to regress to having a kid in the bed, when I’ve worked so hard from day one to keep the marital bed sacred (I sound like Danielle Steel).

I’ll be in a deep sleep, dreaming about Lindt chocolate bunnies, and I’ll feel this warm breath right on my cheek. I’ll open my eyes and find two big eye balls staring back at me. Once I’ve recovered from the shock,  I mean how would you like to be death stared awake, I’ll let her into the bed and we’ll sleep. Let’s be honest, there is something wonderfully scrumptious about spooning with a small little body. Until the small little body star fishes on the bed and manages to wrap herself in the entire duvet, while her parents freeze on the outskirts. So then I started to walk her back to her room when I found her breathing down my neck. This worked for a little while, until she started to insist on me climbing in with her. She has a double bed, so it wasn’t an uncomfortable arrangement, but that’s not the point. I have my own bed, I sleep with Daddy and you are supposed to sleep by yourself in your bed. This seems to have become a regular night time game and I need to break the cycle. At first when it was an occasional thing it was all cute and stuff, NOW it’s happening every night and I need to take the bull by the horns and stop it.

I was hoping that the cold would put her off and she’d stay put in her warm bed, clearly the cold doesn’t bother her. I have tried taking her back to bed and leaving her there, but half an hour later, she’s back with her heavy breathing. The minute her head hits the pillow, either in our or her bed and I’m next to her, she is lights out, but I don’t want her to get into the habit of having me next to her in order to fall asleep.

Now I’ve always advocated doing what works at the time, because they’ll grow up soon enough and all these baby problems  will be a thing of the past, but after two years to NOW start with sleeping shenanigans is crazy and unfair on mommy who has gotten used to an eight hour night. Anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to stop this sleep walker in her tracks? I do love to feel her little chubby hand search for mine under the covers, and I do love to be woken up with wet sloppy kisses, and I do love that she feels safe and secure when she is snuggled up close to me, but I do love uninterrupted sleep too!


5 thoughts on “Sleep Walker”

  1. Robyn, went through the exact same thing when we moved Ava to her big girl bed. Then my clinic sister made an ingenious suggestion… which we did and it worked like a dream. We fitted a hook on her door and at night when putting her to bed, I hook the door open a fraction. This way, she can see out and we can hear her, so if she does cry in the night or needs me for whatever reason I do still hear her and can go to her. BUT she can’t just wander around of her own accord. It worked brilliantly and as soon as madam realized she could no longer wonder around, she went back to sleeping straight through the night again!
    Good luck!

    1. Really? And Ava didn’t scream blue murder when she realised she couldn’t get out?? I think Hannah will go ballistic! But hey, I won’t knock it til I’ve tried it! Will get the hubby to get his drill out! Thanks! xx

  2. When Hannes moved out a little while ago both the girls started sleeping in my big bed, in the beginning I was fine with it, so That I do not have to sleep alone. But after about 2 weeks it was not fun any more. Try sleeping in the middle of two children age 5 & 3 both doing the StarFish. Now my solution will not work for you, but this is what i did: Kids have a double bunk in their bedroom so I took the top bunk off and placed it in the lounge. My bed has washing all over it , neatly folded not packed away so each time they ask if they can sleep in my bed I say the washing is there and I will not be packing it away until after they have gone to bed. They now sleep together in one single bed. I sleep in the lounge and they do not bother me as they get to sleep together.

    1. Very resourceful Charlotte! I have been toying with the idea of putting them in one room. Besides the fun of it all, I think she will be more prone to staying in her room if Liam is there with her. But we’re waiting to move house soon, so if I do decide to put them together, I’ll do it when we move house. xx

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