Countdown to Mozambique…

Mozambique is in 25 Days. AARRRGHH! The only thing that has been finalised in preparation for this trip is childcare. Which is a good thing, because without the childcare, we wouldn’t be going. But aside from that, I am in no way ready for this holiday. Oh wait, mentally I am OVER ready, but physically I need to start making lists. You know how I love lists. I need to make a Count Down to Moz list.

First thing on the list: what to wear.

I do not have bathing suits, sarongs, sun hats and all the other holiday gear one is supposed to acquire when taking a holiday by the sea. Of course, trying to get any of these things in a Wintery Johannesburg is proving futile. My husband has vowed that if I show up in my maternity swim suit EVER AGAIN he will disown me, not sure why, I think that big blue stretchy spandex mass of a cozzie is so comfortable and fits so well? My idea is to go to a specialist store like Speedo or something, do they stock stuff that doesn’t look like I’m trying out for the Olympics? The good news is that I intend to spend most of my time in a sarong and swimming costume anyway, so really I just need to find one store that stocks both items. Problem solved. Anyone know of such a store?

Second on the list: what to pack for the kids.

So my darling parents will come up a week before we leave, they will be taking my kids and my niece and nephew on a road trip down to Durban and then to Harding to spend time with my sister and her family. In total, they will be away from us for two weeks. Now while I am looking utterly forward to being child free for two whole weeks, it is the first time that I will be away from Hannah and I am a bit nervous about how she will react. Ok, let me be honest, I’m more worried about how I will react. My baby away from me for so long! But I think back to the first time Liam went on holiday with my parents at 18 months and how I thought I would positively die from missing him, and it turned out to be just what this sleep-deprived-running-on-empty mother needed. A BREAK. So I am hoping for the same experience with Hannah this time. Right, so the actual problem here is packing for two children for two weeks. Not exactly an easy feat. And not something I can do in advance either, considering they will be wearing what I need to pack virtually right up until the day they leave. But what I have started doing is compiling a list of what I need to pack… like 5 tracksuits, 10 vests and so on. Zoleka will receive a copy of this list closer to the time and she will assist in making sure that the washing is done, set aside and ready to be packed. It takes team work to make the dream work and all that.   

Third on the list: our passports

Now you may think that THIS needs to be point one, but thanks to the sms I received yesterday, this point has become less critical for me. I say for ME, because my husband has YET to apply for his passport. Make no mistake, I will go without him on this trip! Even though the point of this trip is to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, I will leave this man in Johannesburg. We can celebrate in spirit. So yes, I applied for my passport last week Wednesday and yesterday, that’s right, just 6 days later, I received an sms to say it was ready for collection. My husband says he just doesn’t have time to apply for his passport and promises to do so before this week is over. I have come to grips with the fact that he may not come on this trip and have stopped nagging him to do so. So all I need to do is collect my passport and this point can come off my list.

Fourth on the list: miscellaneous packing

Bearing in mind, we are driving with friends in their vehicle so I really do not want to over pack. This said, I am a woman. A woman who feels more secure when I have packed everything but the kitchen sink, as opposed to “winging it” and hoping that I’ll find a shop who sells the weird item I may require while on holiday (I blame motherhood for this, because as a young travelling woman, I’d just pack a clean set of undies). So do I pack my blow dryer, my GHD, how many extra batteries for my camera, all my hair products, my sun block in varying degrees of SPF-ness. I need access to my cyber world, so all my electronics with all their chargers need to be packed in. What about my make up bag? I don’t wear a lot of makeup but my make up bag is HUGE. Just in case. You know. I want to look pretty in the evenings while my husband stares into my eyes underneath the moonlight (if he makes the trip). Crikey, this point requires a long list, with sub lists and sub-sub lists.

All this aside, I can’t wait to go on holiday! Even if it may be that I have to (a) skinny dip because I have no swimming gear, (b) be alone because my husband doesn’t have a passport, and (c) be left stranded because my lift refuses to take me with so much luggage. The countdown has begun!!


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