About winter baby blues and home remedies that work…

Every mother, at one point or another, has experienced that moment when your kid is so sick and you have no idea how to make it better. I have experienced many of these moments, and last night was no different. Both Liam and Hannah have had runny noses and mild flu symptoms for about a week – nothing major and definitely not worthy of a doctor’s visit and yet another round of Augmentin (I DETEST antibiotics). Liam had a slight cough but again, nothing major. I had been treating their symptoms with the usual suspects: Dime.tapp, Demazin, Cor.enza C for kids, Flu.sin and the list goes on. Don’t get me started on the OTC cough mixtures… Bron.chese, Bron.coped, Ben.ylin, Pro.span, and that list goes on too. And not forgetting the antihistamines from Tex.a to Des.elex to Aller.gex and so on.

None of the above have worked. Their noses are still running during the day, and are blocked at night. Liam is still coughing and Hannah is still raspy. I think I was hoping that their flu jab was working and that the symptoms wouldn’t get any worse, but last night Liam’s coughing was horrible. He was coughing literally every five seconds, almost with every intake of breath, and in between this he was wheezing and his chest sounded like a truck starting up on a cold winter’s morning. I walked into his room and he appeared to be asleep, but coughing and wheezing in his sleep – which was weird – how can such crazy coughing not wake a kid up? So I shook him awake and then of course he cried, and that of course made the coughing worse and I knew that the vomit would come soon after so I was rushing around the room trying to get myself prepared, mentally kicking myself for not fetching my humidifier which I had borrowed to my sister in law for her sick baba a few weeks earlier. He didn’t vomit but the coughing continued, and I just held him in my arms and had that sad sorry moment where I had no idea what to do. I yelled to my hubby to get the Aspelone hoping that the corticosteroid would ease his chest, and I prayed HARD. I messaged my mother to ask her to pray too, I rubbed his chest and feet with Puma Balm and we gave him the Aspelone while he cried and coughed (I was actually visualising the projectile vomit at this stage, but nothing, sjoe!). After about 10 minutes, his coughing eased and I left him to sleep. At precisely 03h12, I bounced out of bed (bad mother who sleeps like the dead when her kid is sick) and went to check on him and Hannah and he was out cold and his breathing, although a bit raspy, was definitely much better than it had been. Hannah was still fast asleep.

Needless to say, I have booked them both in to see our doctor today at 5pm.

Point of this story, I have this amazing home remedy which our family has been using for years. Primarily for coughs, but I usually keep it up throughout winter because I believe it helps with all the winter nigglies that our kids fall prone to. I ran out about three weeks ago and have just not had the time to buy everything and make the mixture again. I can kick myself in the head (but I’m not double jointed) for not keeping it up, I can almost guarantee that last night would not have happened and that the kids would have been a bit healthier, and I would not have to put them on another round of antibiotics which I KNOW my doctor will prescribe this afternoon.

It’s a simple, cheap recipe and it’s more or less natural – using mainly Lennon’s Dutch medicines. The main ingredient is honey, so you may only want to use this in kids over the age of 12 months.  I give Liam and Hannah a teaspoon full every morning and night.

The ingredients:

  • 500ml of honey
  • 1 x Lennon’s Borsdruppels
  • 1 x Lennon’s Turlington
  • 1 x Lennon’s Peppermintdruppels
  • 1 spoon Olive Oil
  • 1 spoon Vinegar

I bought a plastic shaker from the Crazy Store but you could use any container that is easy to dispense from. Pour all the honey into your container, add half the bottle of Borsdruppels, half the bottle of Turlington (tastes really VILE), the olive oil, the vinegar and peppermint to taste – usually about a ¼ of the bottle. Mix it all together. That is it. It doesn’t taste horrible, but your kid isn’t exactly going to ask for more. The most horrible ingredient is the Turlington, so if anything, don’t be heavy handed with that in particular.

I am going to make our mixture today – even with the antibiotics – and get my kids well again. Heaven knows I can’t have them ill when I’m about to send them off on a two week holiday in precisely 13 days! They won’t enjoy their holiday and I most certainly will not enjoy mine, knowing they are not their usual bouncy selves.

Give the recipe a try, based on this mixture for two children, twice a day, we usually see results on around day four or so, consistency is key – like most natural remedies, it takes time but works well.

Hoping my babies bounce back quickly!


11 thoughts on “About winter baby blues and home remedies that work…”

  1. Sorry aunty’s angels! Hope you’ll be feeling better in no time! Love you lots like jelly tots! xxx

  2. Hehehehehhe.Thanks for the recipe.I ws wondedring what I ws to do with all these Lennon druppels.When Ayamo was born,Aubrey’s mother instructed him to get Lennon drops.He found himself with a multitute of them.Being scared to ask his mother and run the risk of not knowing what he should get.He bought the whole lot! Just incase.

    Now his mom wanted him to get stuipdruppels n entress.So iv had these “spare” Lennon drops and I had no idea what to do with them.So thank u.I will be making some for Yaya.Now if u cud tell me what to give for her teething.Poor thing is vomiting slighlty with diarrhoea.

    1. We use the entress and stuip, mixed with rooi laventel and olive oil as a massage oil for new borns! I have a special brew for teething as well, lol!

      1. My gran mixed that for son when he was a baby!!! Could you please forward me the quantities of each want to write it down for future use as she has passed and with her all the Lennon concoctions

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe! It must most definitely work especially if they got sick while you weren’t using it, its to much of a coincidence.

    Hope your two feel better soon xoxox

  4. I am SO over snots and coughs! Last week, Isabella started coughing again – for the 3rd time in 5 weeks. I did not want her on another bout of antibiotics (like you – I really hate them!), so I dosed her up with her immune booster twice daily – at my last visit to the doc with her, we were told that it is quite okay to give them their immune booster twice daily for a few days as soon as signs of snotties and coughs appear. We also gave her a cough mix, which was left over from her last cold. The verdict – within 2 days, she was still coughing, but was much better and coughing less.

    1. I know it’s just that time of the year but I hate for them to be sick! I am also a firm believer in vitamins, and over, rather than underdose them!

  5. This is soooo my kids! Its going to be almost 7 weeks. And 8 trips tonthe doc. Doc says its allergies etc. Deselex and avamys, aspelone, augmentin, even celastamine and sons still coughing :(.
    Im a bit unsure. Is.it the full bottles tonthe 500ml honey?
    Also how many mls per dose? Per age of child?
    Thanls for making me feel not completely insane!

  6. It is so horrible when the little ones are ill. I too like to stay away from antibiotics unless they really have to have them. My home remedy for coughs and colds is hot water with lemon and honey. It tastes nice. If you are without the humidifier or nebuliser, try a steamy bathroom to help the phelgm loosen a bit. Also elevate his head above his feet to help alleviate coughing: a flat pillow or folded blanket under his mattress will work.
    Honey is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic and sedative. I love the stuff.

  7. Thanks for the recipe, I normally make one with sugar and vinegar that you boil and then add Paragoric and Borsdruppels, but yours is more healthy.

  8. So this was exactly me and mine last night down to the praying and messaging mom to pray. Totally crazy. Thank God for aspelone. I’m going to get these ingredients and mix a batch today. Thanks 😁

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