To the two daddies in my world


To my own daddy

My father is a man amongst men. From a young age, he has been the one person I can irrevocably rely on, the one person who has remained constant throughout the years and through life’s trials, he has remained unwavering. I know that he is capable of fixing any problem because he always does, and I know that he would bend over backwards to see that his children were ok – even now that we are all grown and have families of our own. My dad has instilled in us, from a very young age, the value of hard work, good morals and ethics and a strong desire to help other people, especially those who are less fortunate than we are. He is very decisive, none of that wish washy emotional stuff, he is practical and reasonable and always makes a lot of sense. He gives good advice all the time and I know I can take his advice straight to the bank. All the time. As a little girl, I loved having this giant who I felt safe and protected with. My dad was and is a real jokester, like his dad and my pa were before him. He has the most amazing sense of humour, and we laugh at the silliest things all the time. He is also so intelligent, he would finish the crosswords in the newspaper every night in like 40 seconds (I’m sure it was longer than that, but in my little mind I couldn’t believe how smart he was!). I used to take his socks and shoes off every evening, then we’d sit on the couch and watch the news until supper was ready. As I got older, we’d watch TV late into the night, and I was always amused at how he’d quickly change the channel if there was any kissing or inappropriate scenes not suitable for younger viewers. I love listening to his stories about his childhood in District 6 in Cape Town, and then later his experiences of Apartheid. I don’t think my dad is afraid of anything. Not even death. You know why? Not because he is a super hero (even though I think he is), but because he knows and loves the Lord. I remember sitting in the front row in church every Sunday, my parents and brothers and sister taking up the whole row. My dad was strict, lovingly strict. I remember him fetching me in his stokkies (old man slippers) from a night club one night, I was SOOO embarrassed, but I now know (15 odd years later) that he was doing it out of love. After high school, I left to au pair in America – that was the first time I saw my father cry, in fact he sobbed like a baby! We have always had this special bond, and although I’ve outgrown his knee, I know that I can crawl back to him at any time and his arms will always be open. Two years back, my dad got seriously ill, so ill we thought we were going to lose him. I felt like my world was crumbling, I don’t know what I would do without him. My hope is that he will know what an amazing job he has done at fathering us. How absolutely awesome I think he is and how deeply loved he is by not only me now, but by his grandchildren too.

To my babies daddy

Before we had children, I was never sure what kind of a father my husband would be. Although I had seen him in action with our nieces and nephews, I wasn’t sure that he was the gooey, romantic type – in fact, I now know that he isnt! But I am astounded everyday at what a wonderful father he is. I guess I can thank my mother in law for raising my hub to be a very independent self sufficient somebody. He can run our house probably better than I can. He can multitask like a mom, seriously! This weekend I watched him handle the kids’ doctor’s visit, go pick up the bag full of meds and administer the meds on time every day, down to the 5.3ml of Augmentin for Liam (I would just have winged that .3ml, you know what I mean!) There isn’t anything he can’t and won’t do for me or the kids. My friends are always amused when I say he cooks, he cleans, he packs my lunch, he dresses the kids in the morning and feeds them their breakfast, he washes dishes, he irons his own clothes when Zoleka isn’t there. He plays with and reads to his children, he takes them to the park and lets them have the TV remote to watch Mouk over and over and over again. He prays with them. Although his patience wears thin and although I often complain that he doesn’t do things MY way, he gets the job done, and done well. I most admire him because he has shown staying power – there were times when I could have packed up and left HIM with two small children – it was rough, and I don’t applaud him for staying, that’s his job and what he signed up for, I admire him because HE was the one who kept telling me how everything would be fine, how our love would keep us together. And he was right. He doesn’t care about clothes and cars, he cares that his kids have everything they need and more, that we can afford to put Liam in a good school and that he can partake in all the extra mural activities he asks for, and I know it isn’t always easy for him, but he always makes a plan. I love watching him with our kids, I love how they love him. I guess because of my own relationship with my father, I always wanted my kids to experience that fatherly love and I am so glad that God blessed me with THIS man. Thank you for being the dad and husband that you are.

I hope that you were all able to love and appreciate your daddies this Father’s Day – whether in the flesh or in spirit. Most importantly, I am grateful for my heavenly Daddy, whose love is unfathomable and forever.

Xxx R


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