Time flies when you’re having fun


Hello. Have you missed me? I’m back! For a little while.

This last week has been one of those where you sort of see yourself in the third person. Some call it an out of body experience. Like I was present, going through the motions, ticking things off the to do list, but mentally I feel like the last week was a dream! Just.So.Much.Going.On. But good stuff – all good stuff! Bullet points for you today because a very wise friend once told me that less is definitely more, especially when you have a lot to say because one tends to ramble on and on – death by detail for the reader. You see, I am doing it right now! He reckons the perfect blog post should be about 500 words, I mean do you know me? I can’t tell a story in 500 words, 5000 possibly but 500? But I digress… so… about those bullet points:

  • Liam and Hannah left with their grandparents this morning. But the run up to this trip was not an easy one. Remember I told you they were both snotballs on the verge of snotting us into slime-blivion? And how I was reluctant to put them on a dose of antibiotics? Well I did. And they got better. I spent last week dosing them up every morning and night, combining medicine with the natural stuff, applying Puma Balm to their chests, backs and soles of their feet every night – you name it, I was doing it. Then there was the matter of thermal undies – have you priced these babies? Aside from the fact that Liam now shops in the big boy section (read big boy, big price), a pair of thermal long johns and a long sleeved vest will set you back about R120. Multiply that by two children and three sets each! For undies! CRAZY! Right, so last week was a cycle of dolloping out meds and fixing my babies. Wash, rinse, repeat. THEN yesterday, Liam’s school calls to tell me he has the vom’s and is throwing up all over the school premises. After the first call, I calculated that he still had a set of clean clothes in his school bag and that after a nap, he’d revive. But alas, I received another call after lunch. Now bearing in mind they were due to leave this morning, I was not taking any chances. I took him straight to the doctor and demanded a quick fix, as opposed to the “take him home, let him rest and ride it out routine.” There was NO way Liam was going to keep me from Mozambique! Murphy’s Law dictates that a child WILL get sick a day before he is due to leave his parents for a holiday. Anyway,  his last upchuck was at 10pm last night and after changing bedding, popping in a load of washing, changing his clothes and getting into bed myself, I am happy to report I waved them goodbye this morning.
  • Remember Mozambique? Well it’s this week! I have thus far secured one swimming costume at a ludicrous undisclosed fee. We have spent the last week with back and forth emails and phone calls, finalizing the most minute detail, ensuring that we have everything covered. The only thing left to do is wax, tweeze, pluck and present myself bald and willing.
  • In the last week we have also changed cars. This all happened so quickly that I still feel like I am driving someone else’s car! I have been wanting to downsize for a while. When the kids were both little and we had two big prams, two monstrous car seats, two baby bags, two two two of everything – my little Clio was not cutting it. I LOVED my Clio, she was small and zippy, I could slip in and out of parking bays, highways lanes and fly over speed bumps (this was also pre-kids so do entertain my grand illusions of wanting to be like Charlize Theron in her Mini Cooper in the remake of The Italian Job). I needed a mom mobile, so I bought a Toyota Verso – big, reliable, safe. BORING. Fast forward two years, we no longer have prams, and occasionally use a stroller for Hannah if we’re going to a place that requires a lot of walking. We don’t have baby bags and Liam sits in a compact booster seat. Also, with a monthly bond payment looming, we have been thinking really hard about ways to cut down. The hubby and I spoke about it in passing on Sunday, my brief was simple – small and zippy and safe with power steering and a/c. that is all. On Wednesday, my husband brought a Polo Vivo for me to test drive and on Friday I got the keys. Side note: how easy has Wesbank made it to complete the paperwork related to buying a car? It was all done online, via a secure iContract site, signed, sealed and delivered to an email address of your choice. My heart was a tad bit sore to say good bye to my Verso. The fun bus with each and every stain on the back seat being memorable. NO, not that kind of stain, get your mind out of the gutter! But when Liam said “congratulations mamma, I love your new car!” – I knew I had made the right choice.
  • Lastly, we have been moving along at a steady pace regarding our new house. This weekend we had the pleasure of introducing my parents to our new home. And I’m one of those people who thrive on another person’s validation of my choices – crazy, I know, but when my mom and dad were so excited for us, it made me feel even better about our decision to buy. We have spent the last few days signing our lives away and we were thrilled when just this morning, the transfer attorney advised that if all goes well, we can bank on being in our new home by the end of August – if not earlier. I smell a spring day house warming party…

So that’s where I’m at. It was great to spend the weekend with my parents, it was even better to say goodbye to them and the kids this morning. Ha! I kid. But I won’t lie, the husband and I are looking forward to this time ALONE together. We leave for Mozambique on Friday, but we have a few adult things planned before then. No silly, not THOSE sort of things.. I meant movies, dinners, DVDs and popcorn – all the things that you can’t do when you have little babies in the house! So do forgive me, if things get a little bit quiet around here, it’s only because I’m living my dream! And look, I’m on 1145 words, I best sign off!



5 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re having fun”

  1. Aaaahhhh, lovely – enjoy the time together with your hubby before the trip…remember those “kid free” days, hahahahah. You deserve it!!

  2. Enjoy your holiday and congrat on your new car and soon to be your new home. The kids will be just fine.

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