It’s been a total of 9 days that I haven’t seen my kids. All you lot who told me I’d be crying crocodile tears can sms/BBM/tweet/email me your “I told you so” gloating messages now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed this time with my husband, I’ve also enjoyed a most fabulous holiday in Mozambique which I will blog about soon, and I have enjoyed not having to deal with the general administration related to being a mom… the cooking and cleaning and bathing and feeding and changing clothes and diapers and linen – the break from all of THAT stuff has been amazing. But my heart is longing for hugs and kisses and … wait for it… tantrums and giggling over bodily functions. I miss the noise and the mess and the general chaos that usually reigns in our house.

Before we left for Mozambique I was fine, I guess that’s because I was speaking to them at least five times a day. Then we crossed the border and were basically shut off from the rest of civilization, which was marvelous in itself but not being able to contact the kids or hear their screaming voices down the telephone line was difficult.

Anyhoo, the point of this post is simply to declare once again my undying, total, complete, all encompassing love for Liam and Hannah. No surprises there. I’ve blogged lyrical about what awesome children I have, but just for myself, this time apart has really reminded me of how utterly amazing it is to be a mom. How no love can compare to that love that a mother or father has for a child. How I can’t compare a thing in the world, to that feeling of having a little person look at you like you’re an angel. Even when it’s bad… as with everything in life, the relationship may have its ebbs and flows, there will be times of discourse, and there may be periods of separation… it’s still so good to be loved and to love so bad – just like the song says.



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