Playing catch up AGAIN

I am pleased to announce that peace and normalcy have finally been restored to our household. My brood are all back under one roof, and although there’s been a lot of coughing, upchucking, runny tummies and bottle weaning going on, I am glad to be back into our boring and predictable routine. I love it.

On Friday, the hubby and I drove down to Durban straight after work, to fetch the kids. Oh, on a side note: I spent the morning with my colleagues and 18 orphans from the Ethembeni Children’s Home, at the Johannesburg Zoo. Every year our company hosts Citizen’s Day, where we spend a day giving back to charities of our choice, remember my experience last year which I blogged about here. Although my heart breaks for these kids, you can tell that they are well cared for, and I was so glad to hear that their adoption rate is pretty high with most placements coming from… wait for it… Finland. My little one clung to me tightly, she would not let me put her down! So I trekked around the zoo for a few hours with a good 11 – 14 kgs on my hip! The whole experience reminded me that I need to get more involved in helping others. Yes, we donate funds, old clothes, old toys and the like to people around us, and through our church we also get involved in helping others, but I really want to leave a legacy of helping others with my kids. I want them to understand from a young age how blessed we are, and to soften their hearts to the needs of those around them – that comes from me, as a parent. Ok, that wasn’t a side note, that was a post all on its own!

The team at the zoo

So back to our trip down to Durbs. I drove from Joburg to Bergview in the dark! Now I don’t like driving at the best of times, so night driving didn’t exactly have me jumping up and down for joy. But because we didn’t have the kids, and I felt less fearful of being responsible for little lives in the backseat, I offered my driving services. I’m always amazed at how reckless some people are on the road, I spent more time yelling at the other drivers than I did enjoying the fabulous playlist I had put together for the trip. Remember, we normally listen to Barney on repeat because the kids are usually in the car, so I had put together some romantic easy listening, think the three famous Michaels’… Michael Franks, Michael Buble, Michael Jackson.. and so on. Well so much for that. We got to Durban after 10pm and my babies were still wide awake, waiting up for us. They were so excited, Hannah just kept saying “I’m fine, I’m fine!”  Not sure if she was reassuring herself or me. Liam got all jumpy and bouncy, as he does when he is excited. It was great to be reunited. The rest of the weekend went by in a blur. Between my parents, my sister and her family and my brother’s kids – we were a noisy bunch. Hannah had been vomiting during the week and hadn’t been eating well, her tummy started running when we arrived, so on Saturday morning I thought it best to take her to the doc, more because we would be travelling the next day and I wanted to make sure it was nothing more than a bout of gastric. She also just wasn’t herself so I knew that she wasn’t feeling like a million bucks. We spent some time on the beach, the weather in Durban is awesome, I can’t believe how I took that gorgeous climate for granted while growing up. We spent some time with my mother in law, braaied with the family on Saturday night and lounged around on Sunday morning until we needed to pack up and leave. Thank the Lord that the trip home was uneventful and Hannah waited until we got indoors to let rip… a nice warm runny poo right through her pants, down into her bedroom slippers and onto the kitchen floor. After an almost 7 hour trip, the last thing a person wants to be doing is cleaning up poo. PLUS we did not have hot water as the geyser had been off over the weekend so we had to wait for it to heat up! Another blessing is that my sister in law had cooked us a delicious lamb breyani and chicken and potatoes for the kids so at least dinner was taken care of. (Only a mother can go from talking about poo, and then talking about food in the very next sentence).

My Biker Mice

Oh another side note (lots of those today, hey?), I decided to bite the bullet and take Hannah completely off her weaning bottle. The teat had a big hole and my mom didn’t have another one so she stopped giving it to Hannah, I followed through when I got to Durban (even though she was sick and miserable) and we just hid the bottle away. It took three nights of her crying for her botty and been generally pissed off that I wouldn’t give it to her, but now she is used to the idea. Because we didn’t have a ceremonial “goodbye botty” as I did with Liam, I am too scared to even mention the B word around her. We have basically just stopped talking about, like it never existed! When she asks for it, I just say that we don’t have one anymore and offer her a cup. Five days later, and we are completely a bottle free zone. It’s fantastic! She still wakes up once a night asking for “milky” and I give her some in a regular cup and she pops back to sleep. BUT, there’s always a but, because she used to use the bottle teat as her security item, as in she would play with it and rub it between her fingers to get to sleep, I have to give her ANOTHER dummy to fiddle with as she drifts off to sleep. So now she has a dummy in the mouth and one in the hand. This doesn’t concern me, except that I know the time will come for dummy weaning… arrrgghh… but in the words of Pooh Bear: that’s a story for another day.

Liam went back to school yesterday, he was a bit disgruntled that a lot of his friends are still on holiday AND that I had forgotten to send his nap time blankey. Other than that, little man has a bad cough which we are treating, a sore ear which I’m hoping isn’t an infection and lots and lots of stories about his holiday. Think he won’t be the only one with a sore ear by the time he’s done telling me his stories.

Good times ya’ll! Good times!

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