Pretoria Zoo – pay them a visit

On Saturday, we visited Pretoria Zoo which to my surprise was way more fun than I had anticipated (well except those 5 minutes where we lost Hannah, but that deserves its own post). The thing with zoos is, you know you are going to be doing a lot of walking, looking at animals who are so bored with being gawked at, that they actually appear to be sedated. But I knew the kids would love it, and we knew the weather was going to be great, so with picnic baskets packed and strollers in tow, we trekked to Pretoria.

The scariest part about this zoo is crossing a busy main straight to get from the parking to the zoo entrance. I mean really, here you are with your picnic stuff, prams and children and you have to dodge taxis and speeding cars while vendors try to sell you Ben 10 paraphernalia. How difficult would it be, to build an adjoining bridge over the street, to get visitors from their cars to the zoo entrance? Or create a zebra crossing with a Lollipop Lady (or man) to help visitors across? I think this needs to be looked at el-pronto.

How’s this kangaroo dude chilling?

Once in the zoo, it’s beautiful, even at this time of the year when everything is pretty brown and dreary. It’s clean, the animal enclosures are neat and the animals look fat and healthy. It’s massive. I wish I had an odometer to measure how many kilometers we clocked. BUT you can also hire a golf cart if walking is not your thing. We got one of these go kart type of things for the boys, which they enjoyed. There’s also a cable car to get you from the lowest to the highest points of the zoo – and all these extra modes of transport are not badly priced either.


There’s just something about being outdoors, especially when the sun is blazing, and this zoo has plenty of spots to stop off at, lay your blanket out and take a break from the power walking. There are also lots of stalls to buy food from and a decently stocked restaurant, for those who like to travel light, but we don’t… I had packed a cheese board, along with chips and sweets and chocolate. My mate, being the good mom that she is, had packed lots of healthy options like grapes and naartjies and healthy biscuits. We had a right ol’ stuffing of bellies, which we walked off so I don’t feel too bad.

The zoo has a great selection of animals, from kangaroos and koalas to tigers and okapis. Your kids will be enthralled by all the Disney/ Pixar lookalikes … Gloria, Marty, Melman, Tigger, Bambi and King Julian to name a few.

At R60 a pop for adults and R40 for the kiddies, I recommend Pretoria Zoo for a fun day out for the kidlets and adults alike.

The kidlets

Side note: after the zoo, we popped in at Papachino’s in Midrand. Prior to this, we had only being to Papachino’s on the Westrand – which I love. Happy to report that this Papachino’s was AS great – food was good, they were able to accommodate us without a booking and we were able to enjoy an adult meal while the child minders chased after the rugrats. Pay them a visit too sometime. xx


4 thoughts on “Pretoria Zoo – pay them a visit”

  1. Been dying to take Ava to the Pretoria Zoo. We’ve been to the Jo’burg Zoo but I found it quite run down and a little depressing!
    Awesome with the weather warming up, I think we’ll plan a trip!

    1. Yes, much better than Joburg Zoo! There’s also the aquarium and reptile park which we didn’t have time to visit…but all included in your ticket price!

  2. That sounds great! The kids looked like they had a ball!! Take me to the zoo next time I’m in town!! LOL XXXX

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