Thanks For Writing Blog Award

Charlotte AKA Stiletto Mom nominated me for this award. Cool hey? So here’s how it works and I’m going to pay it foward:

Say 7 random things about yourself that the readers don’t know yet

  1. I was quite the wild child in my day. Tattooed and pierced with cigarette in hand. That look didn’t suit me then, and it wouldn’t suit me now – what with my baby bag, stroller and food stained t-shirt. No.
  2. I have no ambition to climb the corporate ladder, I just want to pay my bills and have somewhere to go without my children for a few hours each day.
  3. I do not enjoy cooking, cleaning, or any other form of domestic labour. I do it because I have to. What’s with those people who say they love to iron or wash dishes because they find it therapeutic? Liars!
  4. After this, my next award will probably be for The Most Cracked Heels On Planet Earth. Last night my husband told me to put my socks back on because my heels were scratching him. Serious. I have no intention of going for a pedicure either.
  5. I love chewing ice. I used to take a tray of ice cubes into the bath with me or in the car on my way to work. Safe to say it was an addiction. I have suffered with such bad teeth as an adult that even as I write this, I am sitting with a tooth ache. I’ve had 4 extractions, countless fillings, my own Big Hole of Kimberley. Yes, do the maths, I have like 2 good teeth left in my mouth.
  6. The left hand side of my body is ever so slightly larger than the right hand side – and I’m lefthanded. This applies to my feet, my calf muscles, my thighs and my boobs. You’d think I should walk with a limp, what with my body mass so unevenly distributed. It does make shopping for a bra a total pain in the rear end.
  7. And a bonus random thought: My child goes on his first play date today. To someone’s house. Without me. I’m terrified. That wasn’t really about me, but I thought I’d put it out there so that someone can tell me it will be ok.

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If other bloggers wish to pick this up and pass it along, here is a quick should-do list:

1. Include the award logo in your post or on your blog

2. Say 7 random things about yourself that the readers don’t know yet

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One thought on “Thanks For Writing Blog Award”

  1. AH, but aren’t we better off for giving up those cigarettes! I’m still pierced and tattooed! I’d imagine you are still tattooed too? Unless you’ve had removal done?

    I hear you on the domestic front! BUT I do find washing dishes therapeutic – only when I’m about to bash someones head in or when I’m thinking too much! Otherwise I become restless!

    Ah, the ICE! My kinda woman you are! Both my mother and I are also ice addicts!

    And how frustrating must your body disproportion be! I hope you don’t like shopping for yourself much – less frustration that way! I hate shopping for myself! Especially now that I have a mommy tummy!

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