Kids, today’s lesson is about looking after your pearly whites

What I have learnt from my dental dilemma is that, like a nagging mother in law, the longer you leave it be, the worse it becomes. You have to nip it in the bud.

Today I finally found the will to make an appointment and actually follow through with a visit to the dentist. Let me first say that these two lady dentists were amazing, and I will definitely be using them going forward, not only for myself but for the kids as well. They were gentle, and very explanatory, which is what a dental wuss like myself requires. Their equipment is all very high tech, but this could be normal for 2012, considering I haven’t been to a dentist since…um… since I don’t know when. However, the results are not good. My wisdom tooth is basically shot, kapout, finished and klaar and because I’ve left it for so long, the gum has actually grown in and around the cavity. This means that I need to be admitted into hospital, be put under general anesthetic and have it surgically removed. And here I thought being admitted for a caesar was scary. She also suggested that while I’m under, he may as well remove the two upper wisdom teeth which currently serve no purpose because with the bottoms out (my other bottom wisdom was taken out some years back), they aren’t been used for chewing and will eventually grow longer to compensate for the lack of bottom teeth which apparently will cause other problems. Sjoe.

So that’s the one issue.

The other issue is that I have another MEGA sized hole, which she says she can fix and the tooth will be saved! Hallelujah! So today we started treatment on that tooth and I’ve got to go back in three weeks to finish it off.

And lastly, I have a tooth which I endured a rather painful root canal for, which has gone completely black and is basically a shell because there is no nerve and the tooth is no longer “alive” – so she giving me options for making that tooth pretty again.

Now the crux. With my lack of teeth, I need to fill the gaps with something if I plan on eating anything via my mouth again (tube feeding isn’t exactly classy at my age). She suggested bridges, but didn’t recommend it. She recommended this new technology of drilling a titanium screw into your jaw / gum / bone… I’m not too sure now…. And placing a “fake tooth on top. Or something like that. We decided to discuss THIS procedure in the new year while my medical aid still has a few pennies to spare.

All in all, my mouth is in a bad way. A friend commented this morning that I was soon going to be more Coloured than ever, with a big passion gap in the front of my mouth. The only positive to this is that I would have more time to blog, as this travesty would mean I’d become a recluse.

One thing I have learned from this dastardly experience is that when they say you should have a check up every six months, they mean it. Had I reacted more promptly, I would probably have saved myself some porcelain AND pain. I’ve taken Liam to the dentist already and I do think that Hannah could do with a little clean. The earlier I get them used to the dentist, the easier the whole dental debacle becomes, and they become accustomed to the masked man/lady who digs in your mouth for a bit. And hopefully, they will not be as poep-bang as their mother is to make the visit every six months to ensure their pearly whites last them well into pensionable age!


5 thoughts on “Kids, today’s lesson is about looking after your pearly whites”

  1. Friend, what you are referring to is a titanium implant & I need two done. Not looking forward to it in the least especially since the doc says he can do the first procedure in his chair under local anaesthetic. All that drilling into my jaw, I think I’m better off going under!

  2. I remember the poem: oh I wish I’d looked after my teeth… And spotted the peril beneath” lol xxxx

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