Snowed in…

So last week I was highly annoyed at the white stuff falling from the sky. I was more annoyed at the euphoria of the people around me (big grown adults) who were behaving like Christmas had come early… it was more like sky dandruff, than snow. Let’s be honest (me? the Grinch? Nooo?). But the actual reason for my snow-hate was because we were travelling down to the farm to spend the long weekend with my sister and her family, and the weather conditions and road closures were messing with my plans.

As soon as we heard that the N3 had reopened, we made plans to make an early get away. 3am on Thursday morning. What normally is a seven hour journey, took us 10 hours. I’d like to moan and groan about what a horrible trip it was, but the truth is, the same snow stuff I complained about above, is what made our trip really exciting.. especially for the kids. Check this out:

The snow was amazing! The kids were in snow heaven and Hannah was eating the stuff like it was candy. We were stuck on the N3 somewhere between Mooi River and Estcourt and everyone got out of their vehicles to play in the snow. We got chatting to our “neighbours” and it really turned into a strange block party of sorts. Serious! My most favourite moment of all, however, was this:

Sooooo, keeping this for his 21st!


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