My most favorite time of the day

All is quiet, not even the tv is on. Kids are asleep, hubby is pottering around downstairs and I am laying in my bed, made toasty by the electric blanket. This is my most favorite time of the day.

I use this hour or so to read, watch mindless tv, stalk people on Facebook, or chat to friends on BBM. Some days I just spend this time laying in bed, staring at the ceiling. This is my time, my hour to unwind, usually with a cup of Milo or tea and occasionally a biscuit or leftovers from a party pack. By the time my human blanket comes to bed, I’m usually ready for a cuddle and a goodnight kiss, and while he enjoys HIS hour of downtime, I drift off into a content and peaceful sleep. I don’t mind the tv buzzing quietly in the background, or his sidelight on if he chooses to read or surf, I’m just happy that all my chicks are accounted for.

Although I am not a grouchy so-and-so in the mornings, I’d have to admit that I’m at my best just before bedtime, so if you need to tell me something important and require my full and utter attention, this is probably the best time to do it. But don’t wait too long, my family will laugh and say that at a certain time each night, I become like a zombie who starts to nod off until my head is hanging back and I’m catching flies with my open mouth, and this is true! I can’t do late nights anymore and much prefer my usual bedtime routine as detailed above.

Ah Yes, this is my most favorite time of the day. Xxx


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