Dead Wood

So we’re in the throes of packing boxes… ok let me correct that, Zoleka is in the throes of packing boxes for our pending house move. She has been quite fastidious about this task and I’m grateful for her strong desire to pack us up, whereas I have been trying to avoid it like the plague. Don’t get me wrong, I CANNOT WAIT to move, I just don’t like packing. Eventually she almost begged me to arrange boxes and tape so she could get cracking. Which the hubby eventually did, I helped by supplying a few permanent markers to mark the boxes.

I came home yesterday and found most of the kitchen cupboards bare, save for four plates, four cups, a few Pyrex dishes, and some Tupperware. I was impressed, but more so it was my reality check to get my A into G (arse into gear). We are scheduled to move in less than a month and although the major details have been finalized: movers booked, notice given, painters and handy man on standby for the few things we need to do in the new house… I haven’t really focused on the minor details. Last night I did a walk-through of our house and I realized that there are so many things I don’t wish to move with. Dead Wood. I told Zoleka to halt all packing until next week, and this weekend I intend to do an inventory, get rid of all the dead wood, and let go of the stuff we haven’t worn or used in the last 6 months and start afresh in our new house with the things we actually need.

Clothes which I have been carrying around with me for the last five years in the hopes that I would lose weight and fit back into them or clothes that I hope will make a fashion comeback: GONE.

Baby stuff.. oh so much of it. Clothes, toys, blankets (HOW does one collect so many baby blankets?): GONE.

Old make-up and hair / face stuff for DAYS… I have a whole shelf dedicated to products that I just don’t use, it’s probably all expired: GONE

Shoes for DAYS: both the kids and myself have so many shoes that we don’t wear anymore. Some need to be thrown straight in the rubbish bin and others need to be given away: GONE.

Cutlery that has lost its shine, and chipped crockery which gathers dust at the back of the cupboard: GONE.

Odds and Ends: the garage is full of stuff which we have accumulated from I don’t know where. How does that even happen? I know I can be a hoarder but keeping every single wicker basket left over from fruit baskets or floral arrangements, inflatable pools and mattresses – probably full of holes, boxes and gift bags which you intend to re-use but forget about, appliances which you’d hoped to repair, a big blinking box with my wedding dress – so many things that I just don’t have need for anymore. ALL GONE (ok maybe not the wedding dress just yet.)

Before I start packing boxes to take with us, I need to start packing boxes to leave behind. There’s just no room for dead wood where I’m going.


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