This just in from Naartjie!

Excitement is mounting at Naartjie Kids as the weather gets warmer and we head outdoors to enjoy leisurely picnics, spring vacations and loads of playtime.

Naartjie Kids brand new collection, launching 23 August, embraces vintage flair with designer detail evident in touches of tulle, pretty bows and floral accents for girls. Contrasting retro styling is celebrated in their brand new, brightly coloured skinny jeans with generous pops of refreshing neon throughout. Naartjie Kids is offering a whopping 50% off a second pair!

Boys get to be boys and will revel in a playful take on custom motorbikes, a fabulous Marrakesh print woven shirt, highly covetable boardshorts, and brand new updated short pants designs that are both trendsetting and comfortable.

Naartjie Kids resident little fairy, the curly haired, big hearted Jie Jie, has waved her magic wand to bring out the latest “must-have” fairy outfit complete with a new look multi-layered fluffy tulle skirt, matching stripy leggings and a sparkly spotty t-shirt. A free, custom made pin cushion wand and a R100 voucher goes to all aspiring fairies who are lucky enough to get the entire three piece outfit.

New styling in swimwear featuring bright new colours in a peplum style one piece is a must-have whilst a highly covetable pair of boardshorts and all in one swimsuit awaits boys.

Accessories abound with a bag in every print for girls along with hats of every description, alice bands, head bands and sandals with plenty of bling. For boys baseball caps, cricket hats and new look leather flip flops will have them looking the part.

ps: All stores will be hosting a “Jie Jie Day” on Saturday 25 August where they will be giving away free balloons and lollipops in store. You know your kid wants a balloon!!


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