Shout out to the husband

The husband is gone away for one night.. he left at 4am this morning and already everything has gone awry. Hannah got up as he was leaving, so I put her in the big bed with me. I guess it must have been the sweet pudgy marshmallow-ness of her nearness that caused me to oversleep. Hopped into the shower, got myself done in record time and then realized that there was no Daddy to sort Liam out. So I had to wake him, dress him, brush his teeth and clean him up – ALL BY MYSELF. Thank goodness Hannah was still passed out so I only had one child to contend with.

I had no coffee, no toast with strawberry jam and no lunch prepared for me (very sad face right here). I had to scurry around to feed Liam, who was not impressed that his milk in his Coco Pops was not like how Daddy makes it. I retorted that Daddy wasn’t here, and unless he wanted to go hungry, he better eat up. I made about three trips from house to car, each time forgetting something – Liam’s school bag, my access cards for work, tissues for Liam’s snotty nose. Then I had to drive myself to work – oh the horror! I couldn’t check my timeline, I couldn’t catch up with FB, or check the news or apply my make up or do any of the usual things I fill my time with on the drive to work, while being chauffeured around.

Liam got to school late, which meant the parking lot was packed, which meant we had to park and walk – none of which ever happens when Daddy is around. I finally got to work, only to realize I hadn’t prepared an agenda for an important meeting my boss was convening that minute – he looked slightly miffed when I suggested he should just wing it. And now I sit here, with nothing to eat because my hubby wasn’t there to pack my lunch box, feeling rather sorry for myself.

So this is a shout out to my husband. I don’t tell him enough, because sometimes I forget and it takes a morning like today to remind me how much he does for us. We love and appreciate you Captain Hook, thank you for everything you do for us. Hurry home!

Ps: and anther shout out to the single moms who do this every, day alone – much respect.


5 thoughts on “Shout out to the husband”

  1. For some reason I seem to “fall apart” a bit when David isnt here – lol – its like he anchors us and when he isnt here I get confused and we are late and lunches dont get made – its just choas!

  2. As a “old” (time ive been doing this not age) single mom, let me tell you every morning in my house is like what you had today… I try and pack bags, put out clothing and pack kids lunched the night before… But if I had to still feed a kid (Amanda is Grade 1 next year so will ave too) I will have to get up 30min earlier so that she can be awake enough to actually eat.

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