Coming up for air

What a weekend! Moving house needs to be listed way up on the top of the list of the most horrible experiences one will endure in their lifetime. Ok, it wasn’t actually that bad, but it had its moments. One moment in particular which springs to mind was when I was screaming/ugly crying on the phone with the DSTV installer. But let’s not talk about such things.

Of course we chose the first rainy weekend of the year to move house. I mean it hasn’t rained in almost six months and then the ONE weekend we decide to move, the heavens open. I kept muttering to myself that they were showers of blessings but with every muddy footstep in my new house from the movers, the DSTV installers, the carpenter and every other person who was involved in the Great Trek, I was pretty close to losing it. My main aim was to set the kids rooms up first, because I didn’t want them to be impacted by the move and wanted to make the transition as easy as possible for them. Their rooms are looking good, even though I haven’t completed the finishing touches because of a certain man who can’t find his drill (my husband cannot find ANYTHING yet, not sure how he found his clothes for work this morning).

After their rooms, I was all set to tackle the kitchen, but alas, we hit a wobbly, when we realized that neither our fridge or chest freezer could fit into their designated spots. The carpenter we know was busy with another job and couldn’t get out to us until next week, and we couldn’t wait that long because the kitchen is quite small and there was no space for big appliances to just hang around. The husband drove to Builders Warehouse and picked up a man called Witness who, according to the scribbled piece of cardboard he held in front of him, was a carpenter. I was completely freaked out, what if Witness had no idea what he was doing? What if he made it worse and not better? But Witness turned out to be the man for the job and that problem was fixed. You know what I love… I love it when everything has its place in the house, and you know exactly where everything is, because everything has its place – although my kitchen is not massive, there is so much cupboard space and everything has its own space and now I don’t have to have a meltdown over a Tupperware lid which has been swallowed up by the mess which is the tiny plastics cupboard.

So other than those minor hiccups, everything else went well. I’ve got about three more boxes to unpack, and a room full of black bags with odds and ends that I need to tackle this week. The rest of the weekend went by in a blur. I was invited to the launch of Huggies Momville on Saturday afternoon and not even moving house was going to keep me from attending! It was great to put faces to Twitter handles and meet lots of moms who I know intimately in cyber space, but not so much in real life! The food was amazing, the company was great and the venue was too-die-for-dahhhling… Hannah and Liam had a great time. Later that afternoon, my mom arrived from Durban and that made things better, as having your mom around always does! We had our first braai on Saturday night with family visiting from Durban and we had takeout with my brother and his family yesterday… so it’s been a busy first weekend in our house… but a good one!

I feel exhausted, but so very happy to be in our new home. This morning I was able to wake up later, eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee at home AND still get to work on time, and when I saw the traffic report for the Westrand which was a mess as usual, I couldn’t help but sigh contentedly. Life is good and I do believe those were showers of blessings!

Ps:  more to follow on the do’s and don’ts when moving house…  you want to read this if you are planning on moving house in your life time!


One thought on “Coming up for air”

  1. Glad you’re settling slowly and that things are working out! Here’s to many millions of happy memories in your new home! Xxxx

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